Beauty Product Review: This Works, Perfect Legs Skin Miracle.

I think that legs are the 3rd best part of a woman. After personality (inclusive of wit and intelligence) and smile. There’s something about a leg that is so full of energy (well I guess that’s the muscles) and youthfulness. I just like them. It’s one of those body parts that people talk about ‘doing some work on’ before summer hits, and I think I kind of get that…you want your pins to look good! And like any human being you would probably be pretty interested if I told you there might be a shortcut to great looking 3rd favourite body parts, right?

This Works, the purveyors of modern natural beauty, have a product called Perfect Legs Skin Miracle. They just come right out and say it ‘perfect legs’, how do you like that? I admire their directness, that sure is finding the chase and cutting to it. Perfect Legs contains Vitamin C (which we all know by now helps skin repair itself) and Vitamin E (moisturizing and anti ageing) as well as possessing a dreamy bronze tone to leave your stems a light sun kissed hue. This colour is important, it is very light and a little shimmery (it comes out of the bottle a lot darker than it goes on) and is not a fake tan – it washes off and doesn’t smell. In fact Perfect Legs has a really nice fragrance involving patchouli, geranium, frankincense, rose, vanilla and clove. Beautiful.

♥ Arnica

AND, best yet, it helps with skin imperfections by evening out discolouration and scars. This includes bruises, thanks to our good friend arnica. And if you are anything like me, and as clumsy as they come, you will be rejoicing right now to hear that you can disguise the table-bumps and doorway scrapes quite effortlessly, now that it is the time of year for shorts and skirts!

Welcome to my legs after using the product.

I really enjoy using this product, you can make a commitment to applying it daily or put it on at the last minute to give your legs a pick me up before heading out the door (my favourite)- it’s a step up from a normal moisturizer but not quite as serious as a fake tan. It may just be ‘40 minutes on the treadmill’ in a bottle, and used in conjunction with a real exercise regime- WELL, then I am going to suggest you get those legs out and strut it girl!


Cost: $92 AUD

Where: Mecca Cosmetica Online or in store

What do you think, is this an enticing combination of a light moisturizer and a bit of colour or what?

Review by Adriane Daff, believer of (a) that women are more than the sum of their parts and (b) that even though (a) is true feeling good about your legs is pretty awesome too.

Be well,