Beauty and Wellbeing Crushes: Timezone Basketball, A Local Moroccan Oil Alternative and Some Healthy Drinks!

Brr brr brrr! The past week has been the chilliest in FOREVS. Cold mornings and nights, mixed with an assortment of sky drops lets us know that winter is well and truly ready to swallow us up, forcing a frantic search for stockings, coats and lots of layers.

The week has been equal parts stressful and opportunity filled for yours truly. I’ll soon be gracing the pages of a quarterly mag, my first foray into non-online writing (nervous indeed!) – more details to come when it’s out!

I hope you are rugged up as you’re reading this, maybe sipping on a hot tea? Bliss! Okay, so here are my beauty and wellbeing crushes at the mo:

1. Timezone Two Player Basketball.

Preferably played with a date or significant other, so you can tease them when you, a small lass with no interest in balls that fly into baskets, win by a generous amount. Oops, that’s me! But really, this is a fun way to get your heart-rate up, engage in some competitive bonding and have a laugh. Loser buys the winner a fruit smoothie!

Aussie Moroccan Oil Alternative!

2. Seven Wonders Moroccan Oil Haircare

It’s difficult to find a beauty lover who hasn’t heard of Moroccan Oil before. Offering shine, softness, easy breezy hair management AND a reduction in drying time, Moroccan Oil has had the world at it’s feet for some time now.

BUT, wouldn’t it be great if there was an Australian made, Perth owned version of this? Yes, it would. And there is!

I got to try the Seven Wonders Moroccan Treatment Shampoo, Conditioner and Oil – it has a sweet, nutty smell which I loved and it’s completely free of sulphates (woohoo!) and parabens (yippeee!). Plus it contains certified organic argan oil, the magic ingredient.

Being free of sulphates means that they don’t lather up as much as conventional hair prods, but it’s BETTER FOR YOU! And that’s the most important thing. If you’re a lover of Moroccan Oil, I suggest you test out this brand next time. Support local business and give your hair a rest from a couple of the haircare bad guys.

3. Hot Lemon Water

Cold weather means hot drinks are even more excellent than usual. I’ve never been a coffee drinker, but even if you are, maybe you could try this alternative next time you’re choosing some hot liquid to warm you up? Alkalising, detoxing, yummy and cleansing, it ticks all the boxes! I had me some hot lemon water this morning and felt so great afterwards. This tradition will continue. Join me?! xo

4. Coconut Water

Another drink I’ve been loving is coconut water, specifically the Beyond Coconut Water because it’s packaged in a glass bottle, which is better for you than plastic bottles and cardboard containers. I’ve taken a fancy to eating baked beans on toast with a bottle of coconut water post-personal training sessions and I feel like it helps me rehydrate, feel great, and the bbontoast are just a delicious source of protein to help my lil muscles recover quicker.

Ultra Tiny Link Love: – such a radical little way to bring yourself some peace in 60 seconds during the work day. I tried it and felt much calmer. Love!

Cashew, Coconut Pudding Brekky Recipe – de.lic.ious.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks!

Be well,