Beauty & Wellbeing Crushes: Acupuncture, Beatty Park Pool, Exfoliation & At-Home Mani-Pedis!


I've used acupuncture a couple of times before and always found it helpful. My digestion has been a bit sluggish lately, so I decided to see Jacinta at the Perth Natural Medical Centre. I find the sessions extremely relaxing and always leave with a gentle buzz of energy and feeling really refreshed. The dietary advice has been so interesting and also counter-intuitive. Apparently my system works best without cold and raw foods according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. I'm not sure where that leaves my green smoothie habit, but it's worth a go!

Swimming at the new Beatty Park Pool

I started to swim regularly in my teens and it's the one aspect of my exercise routine that has stuck. I've tried many types of exercise but, for me, nothing beats the soothing, meditative effects of lap swimming. I absolutely love it and always sleep so well after a long swim. I'm feeling very lucky that my local newly renovated pool at Beatty Park is so lovely. The works haven't been totally finished yet but it looks like the centre will be amazing when it's all done.

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate

This is my new mantra! There's nothing like summer to make you more body conscious. I've been using the 'hot towel scrub' method lately to make my skin silky smooth. Just grab a flannel, warm water and soap or shower gel, lather up and scrub away! For my face I'm enjoying a lovely scrub from the Smitten Organic skin care range. My skin tends to be quite dry so I avoid harsh scrubs, but this one is a very gentle, creamy and really effective.

Hands and Feet Pampering

I'm loving Burts Bees Tips and Toes Kit at the moment. I'm pretty busy, so find it hard to fit in a mani-pedi and I also find them pretty boring treatments. This kit is great for some quality at-home pampering.The hand creams are also the perfect size to throw into a handbag or purse. They've thrown a yummy pomegranate lip balm into the kit too! All of their products are 'earth friendly' in fact they were one of the pioneer natural skin care brands as they started in 1984. It's a pretty affordable range too.

What are your favourite budget and at-home pampering tips?

Article by Karen, who's certain she was a fish in a previous life!

Be well,