Product Review: Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil for Oily Skin!

Clarins, huh? I’ll admit to considering their counter far too stylish for my grubby mitts and therefore haven’t tried much (any) of their stuff. So given the opportunity to review one of their products (and wonder of wonders, actually having some input as to which one might be best for my skin), I went for the oily/combination skin treatment, and thus received a rather lovely 30ml dropper bottle of Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil on my doorstep.

What I’ve found is key to the application is patting it into your face and not rubbing it – I’ve had bad experiences with products before because I’ve smoodged it into my face without thinking and the friction has caused inflammation 🙁

The jury was still out for me in terms of using oil to combat oily skin, so I was hoping this might be the product that would swing it around for me. Certainly there’s a whole internet full of positive experiences with this product, and MANY people who were adamant that this was a vital summertime treatment.

A lot of people also suggested that misting your face with rosewater or something similar before and after the oil helped it sink in, and I would happily agree with this idea. I spritzed my face with the Echolife Rosewater Mist and it made the oil spread further and sink in faster.

So in the morning the scent was completely gone, I wasn’t shiny anymore and my skin was soft. Like, freakishly soft. The blackheads on my nose had shrunken and I had nowhere near the amount of pressure lines on my face that I usually have after peeling the CPAP machine off my face. And this was all the benefits of one night.

Having used for a little while, I don’t experience continual quality jumps like I did that first night, but it’s kept me on a similar level. I most notice it on my forehead, which is plagued by frown lines and has smoothed out a lot. Definitely going to continue to use this – as completely strange as putting oil onto my oily mug feels!

Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil is $49 for 30ml, and available at Adore Beauty.

What do you think? Have you tried and loved any Clarins prods before? Got an oily mug too? Lets talk, comment below.

Review by Suzanne: has an incurable allergy to exercise and can only be cured with cake. And blogging.

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