Annette’s Current Cleansing Routine!

I was thinking about all the products that I’m using at the moment, so thought I’d do a little post so everyone can check out what my current faves are!

Dermalogica Pre Cleanse – $65.50

Rubbing this peculiar oil type liquid over my face prior to jumping in the shower, is reported to be good for dissolving dirt, makeup and helping shift blackheads. The interesting part, is that when you go to wash it off, the oil magically turns into a milky emulsion and leaves no trace of oil AT ALL. This is a fantastic first step to removing makeup, and also good for days when you’ve been sweating up a storm and need some extra power in your cleansing routine.

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant $83.50

Ah, hello hero product! I previously talked about Daily Microfoliant here, but this powdery dream has continued to keep a highly-coveted spot in my bathroom. If you can I’d suggest trying to source a sample of this stuff, it smooths out any bumps on my skin with ease and I find it helpful with minimising breakouts. I can definitely tell when I’ve not been using it, as my skin tend to break out a littler more (AKA, right now! Need to get back into it with regularity!)

Ren Rose Wash – $46

This cleanser is so beautifully rosy scented, that it just feels like you’re doing something good for your skin when you use it. For a gel cleanser it’s pretty impressive, as it doesn’t dry out my skin. Enjoying this for those two reasons… I use it with:

Clarisonic Mia – $149

I’m not sure what I did before this came along. When I use it, my skin congestion, tone and brightness is about 75% better. No word of a lie! At $149 it’s a bit of an investment, but oh-so-worth it. If you’re in Perth you can head down to Bella Hart in Subiaco for a free instore trial (very handy).

Any of these look good to you?

Be well,