Alternative Therapy Review: Juice Plus+ Nutritional Supplements in Perth!

3 fruit + 5 veg = Juice Plus+

Modern life can be busy, stressful and unbalanced. And everyone wishes they had a little bit more time and energy, right? It seems though, that no matter how much time you have to relax, there is always that “little extra something” that could perk you up even more. I’m sure a coffee or a glass of wine is coming to mind for most readers right now, (it’s just hit 5.00 pm as I write this actually and I could do with some vino…), but, what if you could take a couple of supplements a day that provided you with your daily nutritional requirements? Juice Plus+ does just that.

Based on whole food based nutrition, which includes juice powder concentrates from 17 different fruits, vegetables and grains, Juice Plus+ is the perfect complement to a healthy diet. It is a simple and effective way to add more nutrition from fruits and veggies to your diet and from what I’ve experienced, is a sure fire way to get some energy back in your life!

When I started using the supplements, I was in the midst of my last semester at uni so naturally, the stress of studying had resulted in me ditching my healthy eating habits, and instead favouring sugary snacks to keep me company during my late night study sessions. Not only was I eating unhealthily, I was up late finishing assignments and studying, which in effect, resulted in me sleeping and/or lazing around when I was taking a break from study. This unhealthy cycle was immediately stopped in its tracks after Juice Plus+ landed in my hot little hands! It’s claim, “The next best thing to eating fruits and vegetables”, and is it? I’d say it’s pretty close!

I started taking two fruit supplements in the morning and two vegetable supplements in the evening to complement my daily intake of fruit and veggies, and within two weeks I noticed better energy levels (not as sluggish in the morning) and glowing, clear skin! Unfortunately I came down with a cold not long after I started taking the supplements, but noticed a significantly reduced recovery time due to my extra boost of vitamins and minerals ☺

Juice Plus+ is now a part of my daily wellness routine. It has made me realise how much more valuable it is than other supplements and vitamins, as I have actually been able to see results. I have always been a big fruit and veggie eater but really like being able to up my intake of vitamins and minerals if I haven’t been able to get enough some days. For those who struggle to get their 3 fruit and 5 veg, Juice Plus+ is definitely a great option. I will always prioritise getting my fresh fruit and veg though – nothing compares!

Check out local seller Sarah’s Juice Plus+ page for more information on the product, and how to buy! 🙂

Have you ever tried Juice Plus+ or a fruit and veggie supplement? Would you like to? Leave a comment below!

Review by Lucy Anderson, Juice Plus+ Convert!

Be well,