Beauty & Wellbeing Routine: Chloe Potter, Yoga Teacher & Owner of Yoga Love!

First up, briefly tell us a little bit about yourself!

My name is Chloe; I run a Yoga business called Yoga Love. I teach private, corporate and public classes around Perth. My back ground is Contemporary dance, as well as over a decade of performing, teaching, & training a Brazilian martial art called Capoeira, I feel like I have lived many lives!

Prior to starting my business I worked as a Health & wellness coordinator on the mines working a FIFO roster. Although I learnt a lot on the job and it was very rewarding, I did come to an epiphany on a trip to Bali that this wasn’t quite what I wanted to be doing with my life. I got home, quit my job & started my Yoga business. For me, wellness is about finding balance in ‘your’ life for ‘you’, whatever that means to you – because at the end of the day we are different. I love teaching Yoga, seeing the effect it has on people’s lives, there is always a shift of some kind!

Tell us about your daily beauty routine.

Generally I wake up most mornings at 5am for Yoga, so it’s a few snoozes on the alarm clock, then a super quick jump in the shower, I love using Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel, it’s so quick and easy. I pop on a little Nivea light feel sun cream 30+ then I’ve just started using Pevonia Botanica which I love, it smells amazing! In the evening I use Dermalogica Daily Resurfacer which is a great exfoliating foaming powder, then Pevonia aromatherapy dry skin oil & Rejuvenating Dry skin cream. Once a week I use Sukin purifying Facial Masque which is a really natural inexpensive product, but it feels great.

What's the one beauty treatment you can't live without? And your favourite place to have it done?

I would have to say it definitely a massage! And my favorite place to have it done is at a fantastic little day spa in Seminyak Bali called Amo Day Spa. They have a massage there that was designed with the help of an orthopedic surgeon, it is out of this world!

Who do you trust with your hair in Perth, and why?

I wear my hair up so much that I don’t get it done as often as I should, but I do like visiting House of Ernest in the city, they are consistently good.

Favourite budget / at home beauty treatment?

A great Ayurvedic facial treatment is combining almond meal into a paste with rose water, then smearing it onto your face for a few minutes. It’s a wonderful cleanser, it smells so good, it’s all natural, and doesn’t cost the earth.

Your three, absolutely cannot live without, favourite products?

My Pevonia Botanica facial oil, Moroccan hair oil, and hand cream of any kind.

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Do you have any secret tips you use to keep looking / feeling great?

Self care is something we don’t do enough of, I always tell myself I deserve to have a break & I’ve worked hard. Whether it's popping face mask on with a good magazine and a cuppa tea, getting a massage, or going to a Yoga class! I think self care, and creating time for your self is the greatest beauty tip I have. We all deserve time out.

What beauty treatment/ wellbeing activity would you love to try but haven't yet?

I would love to do a great raw food detox retreat somewhere exotic, perhaps this year?

Describe a typical day of eating for you.

I usually don’t eat in the morning until I finish my first few Yoga sessions, I have a protein shake in the car unless I can get home for some eggs. I am on the road a lot so a few times a week I take myself out for breakie I love Huevos rancheros, a Mexican beans and eggs dish Yumo! I then get a wrap something protein and salad, almonds and trail mix in the afternoon, and then I often eat fish and a crazy salad for dinner. I make some crazy salads, it’s my thing…my favourite is spinach, feta, seeds, strawberries and balsamic.

Describe your fitness routine.

I do so much Yoga during the week that my fitness routine outside of that is the occasional class, I really like Floor Barre, it’s a ballet/pilates style class anyone can do. Then my other thing is to walk my two beautiful Labradoodle dogs Buddy & Ted.

Do you take part in any alternative therapies or take supplements? If so, discuss.

I really think massage is so important, I try to get a Shiatsu massage every few weeks. One of my Yoga students is a practitioner and she is amazing & very well priced –!

How many hours sleep do you usually get each night? Do you have any bedtime rituals or tips to help you get a great nights sleep?

When it comes to sleep, I have a set routine which fits in well with my work. I probably get around 6 hours sleep a night, but the most important thing I have learnt to do is NAP! I have a good nana nap in the afternoon before my evening classes which puts me right. If I have trouble sleeping then chamomile tea usually does the trick!

How do you like to relax? What are your favourite ways to de-stress?

One of the thing I love to do to relax is a long trip to the beach, take everything from magazines to a picnic and spend the day under the umbrella feeling lazy at the beach, for me it’s like a mini holiday break!

Thanks to Chloe for sharing her yoga-tastic routine!

If you have any questions for this lovely yogi, please leave them below in the comments below! 🙂

Be well,