A little make-up adventure.

After some busy times at my new job, far too frequent trips to the vending machine (you can’t put Twisties, Atomic Tomato, Cheese & Onion chips in a money operated glass box and not expect me to want all three on a daily basis) plus not getting enough rest, my skin has sadly seen better days.

Buoyed by my first paycheck, I decided to treat myself to a little shopping spree and first up on the agenda: foundation & lipstick!

Being a combination of albino + brown freckles makes it difficult to find a colour match that doesn’t a) wash me out to ghost-face land OR b) look too caked on and cover my kisses from the sun.

There was no-one to be found @ the Shiseido counter, I was interested in the brand because I’ve heard it’s very popular with Asian women, of which I am not, but my skin is more yellow based and they apparently have a variety of lighter shades.

Next stop Chanel, where the lady unfortunately told me they don’t have many pale shades – she was very helpful though and tried to help me out as best she could, but my skin proved too “English Rose” (I wish) for Chanel’s range of foundations.

After wandering around a bit more, contemplating the pros & cons of an electric essential oil vaporizer & deciding against it (for now…!), I moved onto the Lancome counter.

Greeted by a lovely girl, Jess, who tried a total of 4 different foundations on me! After doing my whole face with one of them that I thought was suitable, I ran off to the full length mirrors as it’s always so hard to tell with the tiny ones they give you.

Decided against it as it seemed a bit too dark, so she re-did my face in another colour that suited muchhhh more! I definitely recommend going away and looking at your skin in various different mirrors before committing to buying any one product, especially when they cost $82, as this one did!

The foundation I ended up getting was the one pictured above, Lancome Colour Ideal Precise Match Skin Perfecting Makeup. Bit of a mouthful.

I really want to find cheaper alternatives but I feel like it’s almost impossible for my skin, Cover Girl, Maybelline & Revlon all don’t really suit… HELP?!

Next up I re-bought a long-time favourite of mine, Clinique Butter Shine Lipstick in Poppy Love! A very sheer lipstick, great for paler skins & lips. Looooooove the finish, texture, colour – everything!

While this is obviously marketed at babies, I was pretty keen on the idea of sleeping like one so into my hands it went. Had a bath with it tonight & it really is relaxing! Fingers crossed on the uninterrupted sleep, but we’ll see ; )

And so concludes my shopping adventure! Feel free to tell me your favourite make-up brands & favourite bath treats.

Be well,