Product Review: Kit Cosmetics Sensory Lab Coffee Body Scrub!


KIT Cosmetics have recently combined two of my favourite luxuries (& regular rituals) coffee & exfoliation = B – L – I – S – S !

If you’re anything like me & can’t bear to contemplate the day ahead until you’ve had your regular, must have, daily ritual morning coffee you’ll absolutely love KIT Cosmetic’s new trio of products inspired by Sensory Lab’s S1 Champion Blend. Featuring a freshly roasted coffee bean scent to literally awaken your senses, the range includes a Coffee Body Wash, Scrub and a delicious Coffee-Scented Soy Candle.

I was lucky enough to sample the scrub – thank you KIT Cosmetics!

As well as caffeine, the scrub features Vitamin E, organic jojoba and grapeseed oil, native Australian Botanicals and Australian sugar – a definite recipe for invigorating goodness. A welcome new addition to my morning beauty routine the scrub is not only a stimulating exfoliant, it also left my skin feeling ridiculously silky smooth & soft. As a coffee lover, I love waking up to the freshly roasted coffee bean scent!

It is a well known fact that caffeine has positive effects on the mood such as increasing alertness and boosting feelings of energy and general well being & when combined as an exfoliant the positive effects are twice as beneficial. Who knew coffee was so versatile – genius!

Caffeine fix + invigoration + silky soft smooth skin all in one = P- E – R – F – E – C – T start to the day.
I definitely recommend a trip to your nearest KIT Cosmetics and adding this luxurious product to your beauty routine for an invigorating caffeinated kick start to your day.

Review by Jasmin, invigoration junkie and lover of silky smooth soft skin.

Be well,