How Comfort Eating Is A Reflection Of Your Soulʼs Health.

If how and what you eat was a reflection of your soul then what story would it tell you? Would the story read something like…“I love my body and enjoy nourishing it” Or “My life fulfills and nourishes me”? Or would it say something more along the lines of “I neglect my needs and stuff down feelings” or perhaps “I am unhappy and need some love and nurturing”?

There are many reasons for comfort eating that range from emotional to physical causes and even spiritual needs. I dont want to run through any of these with you right now, nor do I want to talk about how or why you should stop comfort eating, to be honest, it has many good sides to it too.

Instead I want to invite you to simply explore, with playful curiosity, your reasons for comfort eating, what makes you reach for certain foods and why. This is an exploration of you, of your soul.

First up, its important to know that there is no right or wrong here, that whether you do or don't, how and why you comfort eat does not matter. For the sake of this exploration, lets pretend comfort eating is perfectly okay, you have full permission to just do what you feel.

To help you write your soulʼs story from a comfort eating session, here are a few questions to ask your self (remember…you have full permission to reach for it this time!):

♥ What was I feeling and thinking just before making the decision to get some comfort food?
♥ Why did I choose this particular food? What does it mean to me?
♥ How is this food serving me? What is the payoff for eating it?
♥ How is this food NOT serving me? ie: weight, food coma, no nutritional value etc…
♥ What deep need did I have when reaching for this?
♥ How do I feel physically and emotionally AFTER eating this?

Now sum up in one sentence or paragraph, what this tells you about yourself? What needs is your soul reaching out for? Then think about how else you could meet these needs. This could be physical, nutritional, emotional, mental or spiritual.

Put pen to paper with this one, as there really is power in the written word. What comes out onto paper can give you the power of insight and clarity on the gorgeous soul that is you.

Are you a comfort eater? What comfort foods do you love? Are you trying to break the habit or perfectly happy comforting yourself with food? Lets talk below!

Michelle Sims is a Body & Soul Coach for women who are ready to unveil the real them with a radiant body to match. Michelle is an empathic and intuitive coach who is passionate about helping women to nourish their body, nurture their soul and ultimately energize their life. Before turning to her own business, Michelle had a successful career as a formally qualified Chef before completing a Bachelor of Food Science and Technology. It was Michelle’s keen interest in health and personal development, along with her own personal story of healing that inspired her to create her own business in order to share this with other women.

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