The Amazing Epic Salad of Goodness / Life!

These little guys are the secret ingredient!

This salad, rocks my world on a regular basis. There’s not much else to be said except for the fact that it is FREAKIN’ amazing.

Check it:

♥ 1 x tin of 4 bean mix
♥ 1/2 x ripe avocado
♥ 1 x best quality tomato you can find (most recently I’ve been enjoying some hydroponic wonders from the Subiaco Farmers Market)
♥ As much reduced fat fetta as you like, I tend to cut about an inch thickness off and chop that all into lil bits
♥ A generous sprinkling of dried cranberries

Mix that all together and you have my favourite salad. You can also add spinach if you like, my housemate is keen on balsamic vinegar with it & I’ve often topped it off with sesame seeds.

So simple to make, so good for you and SO TASTY (most important bit!)!!!

Do you like this salad? Discuss.

Be well,