Product Review: Revitanail Collection.

Lately I have been going through some kind of nail-painting mania, so I was excited when asked to review a range of products by Revitanail. The pack consisted of nail strengthener, ridge filler, base coat, hand and nail cream, cuticle remover gel and a French manicure kit.

I decided to try the nail strengthener first. I am constantly washing my hands throughout the day due to my job, and as a result have weakened nails that tend to peel at the ends. The first thing I noticed about this product was the overwhelmingly strong smell, and the message ‘CONTAINS FORMALDEHYDE’ on the bottle. I decided it was worth smelling like a mummy if I was going to have long, strong nails – and within a week the peeling was no more! I was definitely happy with the nail strengthener.

After a few months of neglect my cuticles had grown quite long and shaggy, so the cuticle remover gel was a godsend. You apply it to the nail beds, leave for 3-5 minutes and wash it off. The gel made them very easy to push back and they looked great!

Onto the French manicure set. This consisted of a cream coloured polish, pale pink polish, a top coat and stencil-type stickers to place on your nails to get the perfect white-tip. It was so easy to do and they looked amazing, better than a professional in my opinion! Due to my careless and sometimes clumsy ways I tend to chip my nail polish within a day of putting it on, but the top coat that came with this kit kept my nails looking good as new for at least four days.

After using many a cheap $2 bottle of red nail polish I did have a slight yellow tinge to my nails. Ew! After trialling the base coat in this pack for a few weeks I no longer have tobacco coloured nails, and I have decided to make it a rule – if I’m going to continue to use $2 polish always base coat it first!

At first I wasn’t too impressed with the hand and nail cream, I didn’t find that my hands felt any less dry (due to constant washing). However after about a week of using the cream the skin around my nails was no longer dry and peeling like before, hurrah! Although they still felt dry, my hands and nails definitely looked better.

All in all the Revitanail range that I trialled was great, all the products did their job (except the ridge filler which I didn’t try as I don’t have any ridges in my nails). I will definitely continue to use them and can recommend them to anybody with weak nails or dry hands. Or just for a great-looking DIY French manicure!

Review by Katy Lock, proud owner of pretty nails and the best DIY French Mani I’ve ever seen! – Ed.

Be well,