Perth Day Spa / Beauty Salon Review: Spa Pedicure at Royal Beauty Day Spa, East Perth.

My sister recently gifted me a “Spa Pedicure” at Royal Beauty Day Spa (Royal Street, East Perth) for my birthday. I had a wedding to attend on the long weekend and, with dread, realised that my post winter feet were not in any way peep-toe ready… it was time to put my present to good use.

I called on the Monday (short week due to CHOGM) and was given a Thursday afternoon appointment, which was greatly appreciated given so many were closed due to trips away for the long weekend.

As it was a short week and I was busy at work, I ran late for my appointment. The central location (opposite The Royal) and great available parking in this section of East Perth made it a lot easier. The therapist owns and runs the Day spa herself and was very gracious even considering my lateness. I was immediately escorted into a treatment room which was simple, but very well decorated and felt very relaxing. The whole Spa is lovely, clean and very inviting.

Would my feet be ready for these in time for the wedding?

The Spa Pedicure ($60 & 40ish minutes) included: exfoliation, foot massage, nail file and paint and, as an added bonus, a great chat. I was told that due to my being late she could not take the time she would usually like to during the treatments as she had another client coming in, but that did not stop it from being thoroughly relaxing! When someone else arrived (noting, as mentioned earlier, that it is sole owned and operated) the therapist said I was more than welcome to stay and relax in the room whilst my nail polish dried.

When she returned after attending to another client, I realised that despite the short period of time there, I was fully relaxed and my feet that were previously atrocious were now polished and ready for my favourite heels!

I am definitely planning on returning and the whole place does make you feel very special knowing that you are more than likely going to be the only one booked in and have the therapist’s full attention. She was very knowledgeable and even gave me tips to keep up my newly pampered and polished feet. It was a very lovely birthday present indeed!

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Address: 8/33 Royal Street East Perth WA 6004

Phone: (08) 9221 5900

Review by the pedicure loving, twinkle toed Imogen.

Be well,