Eczema Eczema, Read All About It: New Range from Nyal.

Winter. It’s clearly here, intruding its way into our lives with the chilliest of mornings and nights. However, I love winter! The smell in the air on rainy days, that glimmer of raindrops off flowers, getting to rug up in clothes that have spent a year in your closet unloved, a close cuddle with someone special and best of all, long, hot showers! Though as much as I love a long hot shower, like 1 in 3 other Australians – I suffer from eczema, where hot showers mean sore, itchy skin. Thankfully I came across the new Eczema Relief Range from Nyal, and decided after years of searching for a decent shower wash and soap, I would give this newcomer a try.

First up, the Nyal Eczema Relief Shower and Bath Oil

The first thing I notice is the smell, and it is goood. Most shower washes I’ve used that have eczema relief qualities have been ok when it comes to calming the skin, however they smell like a hospital hallway. Not really an appealing feature for something that you are going use all over yourself. No thanks! However with this productl I’m being hit with a very enjoyable buttery/caramel type smell, which is a nice change to say the least. The oil also lathers to a milky texture as applied and mixed with water, which leaves a smooth feeling afterwards on your skin.

I’ve found it a really good change to have a pleasant smell and a smooth, soft feel to my skin. The best thing about this shower and bath oil is that it’s made with colloidal oatmeal, which is basically a whole bunch of oats ground down into powder that is really effective at soothing and comforting itchy, scratchy dry skin. And before you think to yourself, hmmm really oatmeal, like I have for breakfast, yummo! You can’t eat it. I checked…

Nyal Eczema Relief Soap Wash

The soap wash seems to be more your traditional-styled eczema wash than the shower and bath oil. It’s comes across nice and mild so you can use it every day, and really seems to cleanse the skin well, leaving your hands feeling nice and soft. The soap wash has been great to me since I started using it, as I recently had a terrible run-in with a nasty massage oil that left my hands with a pretty severe rash for a week or so! Since then, most soaps seem to cause dry skin and eczema to hijack parts of my hand. Not fun. However, this new Nyal soap wash has never given me a problem with that, and I have the comfort of knowing that every time I use it I won’t be applying any soothing cream an hour later. I’ve found it a relief and a much loved addition to the bathroom.

The other good news is, both of these products do not have any parabens in them which makes them even better for you, as these nasties have been linked to the development of breast cancer. They also don’t contain any lanolin, so our cute woollen friends aren’t contributing to our skin care and can remain woolly and warm throughout winter too!

So if you’re looking for a decent relieving soap or shower oil give the new Nyal range a shot as I really enjoyed using these products and will use them in the future, knowing that long hot showers are back on the menu for wintertime. Yes! Though as we know that skin types can differ, I do suggest you try them first if you have eczema or dry skin, and see how its works for you. I know I found them very helpful and good to use. You can find them at your local supermarket or chemist.

Review by Russell, boyfriend extraordinaire.

Be well,