Beauty Salon Review: Eyebrow Wax at Friendlies Chemist, Subiaco, Perth.

I just had a good eyebrow waxing experience. This may seem like an un-newsworthy point, but for those of you who have ultra-sensitive brow skin, you will understand the rarity of this.

Piping hot wax, multiple waxing over the same spot (sometimes up to three times), burnt red brows that peel for up to two weeks after, and completely disinterested beauty therapists. Just a few of the common pitfalls I’ve experienced while looking for a good brow wax. A friend of mine was even told “girls who take the contraceptive pill are more prone to sensitive skin” when she spoke up about the therapist applying the wax too hot and burning her face. She was not on the pill. This from one of Perth’s most well known beauty salons!

So it can seem that finding somewhere that will give you the brows you want, without burning your face, and without implying that it’s your fault for having sensitive skin can be a rarity, so when I find somewhere good I want to tell the world 🙂

Fast forward to today. I love shopping at Friendlies Chemist in Subi, they have such a giant range of makeup, skincare, natural medicine, books and all kinds of health & wellness products that I could spend hours in there.

The Beauty Room is Jurlique branded, and my therapist Charmaine is a beacon of glowing skin – a great testament to the biodynamic goodness that Jurlique offer. The room itself is really pretty and quite relaxing.

For the wax, baby powder is gently applied prior (tick), then cool-lukewarm wax is applied (seriously, I’ve never felt such non-hot wax being applied to my brows). Charmaine is all compliments too, mentioning I have a great brow shape already and that I should definitely only have the minimum waxed off, which is fine by me.

What really sealed the deal and elevated the experience to ‘pretty damn awesome’ status, was that as she applied some soothing aloe gel to my tender brows post-wax, she asked if I’d like to take home a little sample of home to keep applying throughout the day. Wow! Yes please. And so I was given a tiny pot of calming green goo. Im-pressed.

The cost for a brow wax is $18, and for a non-burny, non-awkward, relaxing & superior service treatment I’d say that’s a bargain price. My brows look pretty good too.

Web: Friendlies Chemist Beauty Room (includes treatments and prices)
Ph: 08 9381 1468

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Salon Review: Eyebrow Wax – Total Brow, Inglewood.

Getting your eyebrows professionally shaped is like an instant eyelift. The eyebrows are such an important and dramatic feature of your face, and so, should always be well groomed and shaped. Unfortunately I’ve been somewhat unblessed with straight eyebrows that sprout out like spiders legs in the middle. They aren’t very neat and I have black hair, so they are a prominent feature. I decided to try Total Brow in Inglewood to see if they could help my cause.

From the unassuming entrance on Beaufort St, the foyer is decorated in gold and white, giving it a royal feel. The sell Napoleon Perdis products, so I had fun looking and sampling all the new range before Amy, an eyebrow stylist, called me in. Amy, like all the girls that worked there had perfect shaped brows – and this was a great relief to me.

Amy guided me into the room and I lay down on the table under quite bright lights. I explained the predicament of my wayward brows and she didn’t seem too worried as she went to work.

Total Brow use a combination of warm wax and plucking on the brows. Its relatively painless and quick. Amy also started to pencil in my brows. I confessed I’d never used an eyebrow pencil before so she kindly gave me a lesson. Even though I had dark hair, she suggested using a blonde pencil on my brows – and they looked great.

I left there with slightly thinner, much neater and better shaped brows. I was extremely happy with the result and I will be definitely be back. On the Total Brow website it says: “Come and see us at Total Brow – We’re the best Waxers in Perth!” and, when it comes to eyebrows, I would have to agree with them.

826b Beaufort Street
Western Australia 6052

Ph. 9371 6057
Fax. 93716072


Review by Yvette.