Exercise Battle Royale: Fitness First Murray Street VS CBD Health Spa.

Gyms stand for everything that makes me uncomfortable. Sweating profusely in public, wearing ugly shoes with unflattering clothing and being around people who may judge you because you cant lift your own body weight above your head. However, recently I started thinking about changing my exercise routine up a bit to include a bit more…well…routine.

Lots of gyms offer free trials for various periods of times you can find one near you on Good Gym Guide, it’s a great way to see whether (realistically) this is likely to be something you are going to be able to easily make a part of your day to day doings.

For this Battle Royale (number two if you’ve been following) I have chosen two gyms located in Perth’s CBD, Fitness First Murray Street and CBD Health Spa.

Home sweet home to our battlin’ gyms.

Round 1 – LOCATION

Ok well, both of these gyms are located right in the city so the ‘location’ point on the surface is kind of tied. So, let’s go into more detail. CBD Health Spa is open 24 hours a day so is as convenient as you like – you can sweat it out at 3am if it pleases you (Ed: Coincidentally, I have actually done this, 2:30am to be precise. Carry on!). It’s in off the street and is spread out over two levels, and has the better layout of the two gyms while also being the biggest. Fitness First has put their cardio room right at the front with nothing but a glass wall separating you and your sweat zone from the escalator to the Murray Street Mall. I didn’t dig it. But both have separate rooms for their classes.

You wont be him at either gym!


CBD has older equipment but in the weights room there is a better mix of machines and free weights than at Fitness First. The locker rooms kind of feel like you are back at high school (a llittle bit old and the sort of place where you would want to wear thongs in the shower) but the lockers are free to use as long as you bring your own lock. The bike lockers are located inside the building right near the reception desk, which ensures max security. Fitness First has the newer equipment by far, fans built into the treadmills, ability to plug your headphones in to listen to/watch whatever is on one of the many TVs. The locker rooms are beautiful and very clean and your membership card is also your locker key (barcode = state of the art). Hairdryers are supplied at both places which means you don’t have to leave looking like a damp rat.

Round 3 – PRICE

Fitness First is about $22 a week and you are locked into a 12 month contract, CBD is about $17 a week when locked into a contract or $20 a week when you pay month by month (no contract) HERE.


CBD was the less intimidating and less gym-like, just a mix of people (student, corporate, young, old) doing their own thing. They always have Channel V on the TVs, which I loved because I like to catch up on what my girl Beyonce is doing these days. Fitness First has their own TV station (video clips heavily influenced by the 1990s – I saw video clips from AQUA and All Saints, multiple times whilst there, no lie), they have lovely staff and a big supplement store next door, if that’s your thing.

The worst thing about Fitness First is what I call the ‘leery’ atmosphere. The cardio room was ok, but the weights room was very intimidating. I was nearly always the only girl in there (sometimes there would be two, three tops) but I felt uncomfortable. This last point coupled with the 24 hour convenience of CBD Health Spa and the fact I can pay month by month (and the Channel V, I admit it) is what pushes it over the edge for me in this round of Battle Royale. Sorry Fitness First you came damn close. I guess it’s now time to find some not-so-ugly shoes.

Find out more info about both places here;

Fitness First
CBD Health Spa

Battle royale by Adriane Daff, newest convert to the exercise ‘dark side’!

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