Product Review: Privé Concept Shampoo and Conditioner – In Pictures!

There is no better way to describe the effects of Privé’s Concept Shampoo and Conditioner than to explain in picture form how it transformed my hair after one of the most important hair events on my social calendar, Halloween.

I take Halloween pretty seriously. It’s all about dressing up and for me this year it was all about big hair, lots of teasing and a whole lot of hairspray over TWO nights of Halloween festivities.

♥ First Day of Halloween

♥ Second Day of Halloween

♥ Picture three. Day after Halloween/s

This shampoo and conditioner repaired my hair after treating it so abominably for two days, returning it to a state that was even better than before I teased the you-know-what out of it. My ends felt so good, was it the Amazon acai or the babassu oil? I don’t know, but there’s a combination of active ingredients in these products that really made my hair feel light yet voluminous, clean, soft, shiny and best of all…healthy.


If this productive was just effective, that would definitely be enough, but something that makes it unique is the texture. Both the shampoo and the conditioner squirt out like a foam (think shaving cream and you are pretty close) and then it turns into a gel RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR VERY EYES.

Both have a delightful lemon/lime citrus smell- the shampoo works up into a really great lather, and the conditioner works through the meanest knots in the world. Considering the performance of Privé’s Concept Shampoo and Conditioner in my hour of post-Halloween need I really have no choice but to give these guys an enthusiastic two thumbs up.

Visit their website for more info, usage tips (you can get way more out of this shampoo and conditioner because of the aforementioned non-aerosol mousse) and of course to BUY them, which I highly recommend. The Concept Vert Shampoo is $28 and the Concept Vert Conditioner is $30. They are also available at David Jones.

Oh wow, I just like knowing that I can fully indulge in Halloween without ruining my hair, don’t you?

Review by Adriane Daff, halloween costume, hair and makeup extraordinaire!

Be well,