Product Review: FitFlop Footwear!

FitFlop Footwear.

When I was asked to try the thong sensation, FitFlop Footwear, for a Wellness WA review I was wary. Subjecting myself to hours of training for triathlon, could a pair of thongs really make a difference to my leg tone? I was the wrong person for the job until FitFlops PR whizz Dani found out the extent of my training and my current thong of choice.

I’m not one to name names, but let’s just say my current thongs are sexy, black and speak with a Portuguese accent. And I think they look super cute. However these flat-based beauties weren’t the best support act for my training shoes and work heels. Unfortunately, I’m prone to foot injuries and the strain of pounding the footpath frequently leads to the dastardly plantar fasciitis (a common running injury that occurs when the plantar fascia band, running along the arch of the foot, gets inflamed and can lead to severe heel pain).

Aside from the scientifically proven ability to increase leg muscle activation by 10-12% and bottom muscle by up to 30%, the “Microwobbleboard” technology has also indicated in recent study to reduce shock upon impact.

FitFlops Pietra in Pewter – $129

When the shoes arrived in the office late on a Monday afternoon, I eyed them critically. I was given the patent leather Pietra model in pewter that features three resin jewels on the toe strap and before I slipped them on I noted how big they looked. The soles are very chunky and nothing like the streamlined thongs I was used to – could I really pull off such a look?

The answer was known as soon as I slipped my tired feet into them. It was like collapsing on to a freshly laundered, fluffy pillow at the end of a long day and the girls in the office cheered as I used the reception area as a catwalk. Once on, the resin jewels take over and the chunky style diminishes underfoot, simply providing a well-needed height boost for my 5 foot 4 frame. I’ve since had far more comments on how good they look than I did for their Brazilian cousins.

Like this, for your feet!

I’ve been wearing my new shoes for the past four weeks for up to two kilometres each day. My husband cracks up every time I wear them because apparently the spring in my step is notable. Funnily enough, any time I see a fellow FitFlop wearer I notice a certain bounce to their step too and smile in recognition. My feet feel just the same – joyful.

The plantar fasciitis is still knocking on the door and I ice my feet regularly after long runs, but my new shoes are definitely part of my injury-prevention routine and so far, so good – I’ve kept the injury at bay (knock on wood).

As for the claims of leg and butt toning, university studies in London have backed them 100% and similar shoes by Reebok and New Balance have been forced to pull their ads in the UK for making similar claims. So they seem to be the real deal in that respect too.

He’s got happy feet too 😉

But for me, I’m just happy with gloriously comfortable walks to work and when the boss isn’t looking, I slip my feet right out of those calf-screaming high heels and into my little foot pillows under the desk.

They can be found online at B Store or in-store at David Jones and Foot Locker.

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Review by Lisa O’Neill, a freelance journalist and part-time triathlete who loves to squeeze in as much pampering as possible in her free time.

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