Beauty and Wellbeing Crushes: Decaffeinated Green Tea, Natalie Portmans Skin, Meditation Classes.

Hello loves! It’s a bumper crushes edition this time around so lets get started, shall we?


Decaff Green Tea

I love this stuff. I honestly see such a difference in my skin when I’m gulping down 2-3 cups per day. Winter is the perfect time to start a green tea habit too! I’m caffeine sensitive, which is why I go for decaff, but if you need a bit of pep in the morning / afternoon then feel free to go for the zinged up version. Decaff is a little better for you though!

I have tried Tetleys and didn’t rate it at all! If you can find the Clipper version (usually in good health shops) you’ll be much happier with the tea quality. Number one crush-ola!

Natalie Portman’s Skin

While this one may seem a little creepy, I don’t think there’s many people who would argue that she has some of the clearest, glowiest skin in Hollywood / the world. After watching ‘No Strings Attached’ last weekend, I’m once again swooning pretty hard for her. The other great thing is that she is a vegetarian (sometimes vegan). If I could have anyones skin it would be Ms Portmans. /end creepiness.

Meditation classes

I’ve been taking part in meditation classes for the past few weeks and am completely enjoying it. We even had to connect up with a ‘meditation buddy’ during the first week, and mine has been texting and checking up on me regularly – which makes it so much easier to get into practice at home. I’m loving the learning experience, and might post a little more about this at a later date when the course is finished, however I find that after class I’m really inspired to make healthy choices in my life and feeling much more calm and present.

Getting my hair cut after nearly a year

I’m pretty naughty with my hair, but after my great cut and colour at Head Studio, King Street, I plan to do something with it (AT LEAST GET TRIMS!) every 3 months. I am a little shy to post a pic!

Lush – Rehab (guest crush by Kelly-Anne!)

If you’re like me, you wash your hair every second day and put your hair through a big list of chemicals that aren’t ‘organic’ or ‘vegan’ or ‘environmentally friendly’. However, we all want that boost of shine that we get from those long list of said chemicals, so whats a gal/guy to do?

Well Lush comes to the rescue, with their ‘Rehab’ shampoo. Once you lather this goodness in your hair, you’ll feel the natural ingredients pouring into your scalp. A sensible way of putting your hair into ‘rehab’ shall we say.

The ingredients include fresh organic juices of a papaya, pineapple and kiwi, fresh tropical mango, light vegetable oils of jojoba, olive and almond to repair the damage of the long-term effects of your ‘shall not be named’ shampoo. The blend of essential oils of rose, rosemary, lavender, juniper berry and peppermint balances your gentle scalp and gives your hair a well-needed break.

Link love

Lendan 50 years of colour competition – convert your hairdresser to Lendan prods and win an AMAZING prize! Could be a tricky one, but worth the effort!

Miranda Kerr’s Diet Secrets – some interesting tid bits.

What are your current crushes? I have a heap more to share next week too!

Be well,