A Week in the Wellness Life – Vision Boards, The Happiness Project & Magnesium Salts.

Three or four years ago I made a vision board with images of the things I wanted to achieve that year, I hung it above my bed and it was a constant (even subconscious) reminder of where I wanted to get to. I ended up achieving a lot of the things on my board that year. For some reason I didn’t continue with it in the years that followed, but this year I’m back on deck with the above – hopefully it will keep me on track! Have you made a vision board before? Picture of a firm butt is entirely optional.

Greek yoghurt with cinnamon, blueberries & hemp seeds. Delish 🙂

I feel blessed to live near this beautiful lake.

A Christmas present from my friends at Echolife. They know me too well, I’m a huge fan of magnesium salt baths for relaxation.

Currently reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin – it’s an interesting read so far, the content and idea behind it is great, but I’m finding the writer a little annoying because she is pretty grumpy a lot of the time. It’s too early to say though, maybe she gets less so towards the end of her happiness project!

Love to hear about your week of wellness if you’d like to share in the comments below!

Be well,



Beauty & Wellbeing Crushes: Hemp Seeds, Rice Milk VS Soy Milk & Vanessa Megan Essential Blend.

Hemp Seeds

Oh, my loves! Where have you honestly been all my life?

For some reason chia seeds don’t really agree with me, I’ve tried many times with little success – they seem to make me feel really spaced out. So I’ve been wondering for a long time how to boost my omega 3 intake in salads and smoothies, and hemp seeds have turned out to be the answer!

These creamy little new friends of mine are actually not approved for consumption within Australia – even though they are everywhere else in the world. Over here they’re sold for alternative uses, such as skincare, but they are food quality and perfectly safe and delicious to eat (they contain none of the chemicals that get you “high”, and are actually a different strain of hemp plant to marijuana).

I’ve been having mine in smoothies, on salads, on frozen blueberries with cinnamon and even just eating them off the spoon. They are delicious and supposed to be very good for you. I’m a convert!

Purchased from Health Kick in the CBD, $17.95 for 250gm, or you can purchase online here, at the Hemp Foods online store.

Rice Milk

Another a-ha moment I recently had was that soy milk makes me feel sick. As a vegetarian for 10 years I was pretty shocked that it took me this long to zone in on the fact that every time I made a soy smoothie or drank a cup of soy milk, I got a stomach ache, a headache and generally felt exceptionally average.

Only once I started experimenting with rice milk in my smoothies instead over the past few weeks, did I notice that “Wow, I don’t feel horrible after I drink this! Maybe soy doesn’t love me?” A pretty slow revelation indeed, but I’m really happy to have finally figured it out and switched to something that will fuel me and make me feel great. Yay!

Vanessa Megan Essential Blend Spray

This stuff is amazing! My lovely friend Haley from Peachy Clean Organic Beauty sent me a bottle when I was feeling down and I haven’t stopped using it since. The scent is SO calming and delicious at the same time, it’s got a kind of gingerbread mixed with musk scent and I love it. I spray it all around the house, on my yoga mat before I practice, when I’m feeling uptight, on my clothes before I go out if I want a light and lovely perfume, on my bed before I read there… the list goes on!

Available for $30 from Peachy Clean.

I’d absolutely love to hear what you’re crushing on right now, so please share your crushes below! 🙂

Be well,