Product Reviews: myfaceworks masks!

The myfaceworks face masks have got tailoring to your specific skin concerns down pat. These cute little packets contain a cloth mask which is brimming with ingredients to get your skin on the road to… well, wherever you like!

I need to… detox

The other day I was quite naughty. A gingerbread man, small packet of chips and chocolate bar had all mysteriously made their way into my tummy and I most definitely needed some damage control. A hot bath, freshly cleansed face and detox mask (which is packed full of green tea, cucumber and algae extracts) put me back on the road to recovery quicksmart. If you drink a cuppa green tea while wearing this mask you’ll see even greater benefits to your skin!

I need to… wake up

This Vitamin-C Radiance Mask is perfect for weekend breakfast dates with your girlfriends or boy-friends! Here’s what I like to do:

1. Stumble out of bed, gasping in mild horror at my bleary eyes & dull skin
2. Cleanse with warm water and a gentle face wash (it shouldn’t need to be too harsh in the morning if you remember to take your makeup off the night before!)
3. Tear open the packet and apply to face, this mask has aloe vera, kiwi fruit and loads of Vitamin C
4. Lie back in bed for 15-20 minutes while the mask does its thang and try not to fall back to sleep
5. Peel mask off and rinse off excess serum
6. Marvel at the difference 20 minutes and a winner of a mask can make
7. Rock up to breakfast date with a glow and accept admiration from all angles!

I need… a quickie

With a name like “I need a quickie”, this mask guarantees satisfaction in the shortest possible time. Ingredients include cucumber, grape and radish root and is a pre-makeup express mask. The only thing that confuses me about this one is that the instructions still say 15-20 minutes, same as the others, so it isn’t really any quicker, but it is perfeccct to use before a big night out as it primes the skin and makes your makeup go on smashingly well!

I need to… heal

I haven’t had a chance to use this mask yet as I luckily haven’t had the need, but if you’ve been a naughty little duck and spent too much time at the beach or playing sport and have a burnt face to show for it, THIS IS YOUR GO TO!

Containing 2.6 bucketloads of aloe vera & cucumber juice, this will be just the thing to soothe your red cheeks should you be so silly enough to forget to slip, slop, slap.

The myfaceworks masks come in an even bigger range than I’ve featured here, it’s a choose your own face mask adventure series which also include such flavours as:

♥ I need to… be firm
♥ I need… a clear day
♥ I need to… bring out my youth
♥ I need… damage control


Check ’em all out at Beauty Works West Australia but be warned – you’ll find it hard to pick just one!

Be well,