Spa / Alternative Therapy Review: Detox Box (Infrared Sauna), Skin Deep Medi Spa, Perth.

♥ The Detox Box ♥

When I was offered the chance to try above contraption I was initially hesitant.

So you sit in a tiny wooden box, heat coming at you from all angles, with the intention of sweating? My claustrophobia, extreme dislike of heat and penchant towards hygiene were all quite adamant they wouldn’t be letting me step foot in this so called ‘Detox Box’.

Still, I somehow overcame these hurdles and found myself a few weeks ago dressed in my bathers, wrapped in a towel with a vague sense of anxiety about my impending 45 minute vacation to Sweatsville, population: me.

I was given a big bottle of water and told to drink as much as I needed, the temperature was able to be controlled from inside which was nice, and I found myself fiddling with the temps a bit to reach the ‘sweet spot’ of perfect heat for me. Left with a stack of old magazines (you can read in the sauna, because it’s a dry heat!), I settled in and adjusted to the heat.

At one point I turned it down because it felt too hot, but then I put it back up again because I found myself WANTING it hotter again! I drank the whole bottle of water, and found myself sweating mostly towards the end. It was a really unique and relaxing experience, I left feeling very calm and peaceful.

After the sauna you can have a shower and when I looked in the mirror at my skin, my face was glowing. I really feel like it did help to ‘detox’ me!

The Detox Box, or Infrared Sauna, comes with a long list of benefits, as well as a list of precautions:

♥ The equivalent of 30 mins exercise in one 45 minute session
♥ Sweats out toxins
♥ Promotes a feeling of wellbeing and relaxation

If you are pregnant, have any heart / circulatory issues, or are taking medication it’s advised to seek medical advice before jumping into a sauna.

This is going to be a real treat come winter, when you can cosy up in your own private warm cocoon. The best part is it’s only $35 for 40 minutes or so of sauna bliss!

After this treatment I had another omnilux session too 🙂


Skindeep Medi-Spa Perth
Shop 4 Central Park Building
777 Hay Street, Perth
Western Australia 6000
T. (08) 9226 2997

Have you ever had a dry sauna?

Be well,