Happy Shaving Device Versus World of Pain Shaving Device.

Hands up who likes to cut themselves shaving? I’m talking multiple wounds to the leg, cursing, stinging, band-aids required style scenarios.

You don’t?

WELL THEN! In that case you should steer clear of the Bic Soleil razor, this bad boy has caused my housemate and I much pain and multiple injuries which ended up turning into some pretty unpleasant and visual sores / scars (yuck!).

Now as you know, we don’t usually get too negative on here, because I like to champion the promotion of the “best of ze best” and celebrate the good stuff, but we both had such a bad experience that letting y’all know was a must!

On the other side of the cookie however, is a wonderful little shaver that has been making my legs feel silky smooth for the past month, bringing me joy and not stealing vital blood supplies!

RRP $8.39

With the scent of white tea, three blades and a really handy inbuilt shaving gel, Venus Spa Breeze has restored my faith in shaving!

Apparently it’s the first ever 2-in-1 shave gel disposable razor. All I know is that my legs are happy, so I’m sticking with it!

What is your favourite shaving product? Please share!

Have you tried the Venus Spa Breeze? Or the Bic Soleil?

Be well,