Beauty Salon Review: Relaxation Massage at Lumikello, Shenton Park.

Lumikello provide(d) Scandinavian spa treatments & wellbeing services.

I’m sad to say that Lumikello is closing down in a couple of weeks, it’s close to my apartment and I experienced a massage treatment that was very different from those I’ve tried before. It reminded me why I review in the first place, because there are so many different and unique experiences to be had… and I want to help you find the best ones!

The good news is my masseuse, Kelly, will continue to run a mobile service after the closure, so I can continue to reach cloud-9 on a regular basis.

♥ ♥ ♥

Massages are one of my favourite things. Love ’em. Can’t rave enough. The feeling of pure relaxation that’s experienced afterwards can’t be beaten. This one is no different and I swear I left feeling like I could float out the door on a little white cloud, and slide into bed. Unfortunately I don’t think they make personal clouds yet, maybe one day?!

Snuggling stomach down into the table and placing my head in the hole, I notice a couple of rock crystals on the ground below – a lovely touch which I haven’t seen before. This gives me something nice to focus on when I’m not almost dozing off!

This is where I’m headed…

The highlights of the treatment for me were:

♥ Warm oil drizzled onto the particular body part about to be massaged – O M G! I realise this sounds a little like a food recipe, but it was a very interesting feeling… and extremely enjoyable 🙂

♥ Again, the crystals were great.

♥ The touching at the end of the massage, now reading back that sounds sketchy, but what happens is spots like your shoulder and leg, are touched at the same time gently. It feels very grounding and it’s one of my favourite parts of massages when it happens!

♥ Not a highlight per-se, but I find it really interesting that most masseuses have well kept feet and toenails! It makes sense, cos you are face down looking at the floor, so the feet are in view. Kelly had nice feet!

After the treatment there was no way I wanted to leave the little cocoon I was in and go home, but unfortunately I had to.

I felt fantastic and if I could, I would get two of these massages a week!

Kelly suggested I try the lomi lomi massage next time, and I might do that.

My relaxation massage at Lumikello was $80, which is what Kelly also charges for a mobile massage:

Kelly Hutchinson
0438 820 015


I’m really disappointed that Lumikello is closing down, but am happy I got to experience it at least once.

Be well,