Product Nostalgia – Where to find those old gems!

Do you ever have moments walking along the street, conversations with people or dreams where you are reminded of a product that you used to use ages ago, or your Mum used to use it, or you had heard about it’s release in America/Europe but it never came to Australia, and you are suddenly gripped with the very capitalist urge to own it either for the first time in your life or to own it once again and again and AGAIN? I do.

So what do you do if that product is nowhere to be found in Perth…if it’s discontinued or it was never here in the first place? Should you cut your losses? Should you say to yourself “well it’s JUST makeup” and move on to obsessing over more important things like boys and clothes, politics and world peace?



The answer is so simple you may even already know it, but just in case you don’t, why aren’t you using the INTERNET to achieve these dreams? Now websites such as StrawberryNET and the like are pretty common knowledge to get good deals on current products from popular brands so let’s just assume the humble reader has this knowledge and move on to the discussion of your harder to find/discontinued product.

L’Oreal – Blush Delice in Strawberry Tart ♥

About two years ago (approx) L’Oreal stopped production on a few colors of their Blush Delice range. Anyone out there remember Strawberry Tart that perfect mix of baby pink and luminous wonderment? It was the best for a pale complexion and I really had a love affair with it from the moment of its release up until the dark, dark day that they stopped making it (for some stupid reason).

I went through the normal sort of feelings you go through after a relationship ends, sadness, rage, depression but goddamnit I was just not ready to give up on this little guy! So in a moment of desperation I typed into the google machine ‘shine+delice+blush+strawberry+tart+buy’ and guess what the first result was, OF COURSE! EBAY!

And guess what? I got two compacts of Strawberry Tart for $6 (plus $6 post and handling). I was hooked, I started looking up everything I had ever once loved, liked a lot, had a fling with- but for some reason or another had been taken away from me- and it was ALL there.

Clinique – Almost in Black Honey ♥

Remember that shade of Clinique ’s Almost Lipstick that was re-released here a little while ago, sold out almost immediately and then was never added to their permanent roster of products, a little shade called Black Honey? Hm? Yep. It’s there. And it’s way cheap.

Now, sometimes going to the Australian version of eBay ( is not going to cut it, so you need to go American and go to just plain old – but it’s worth it; obviously they have far more options for the nostalgic shopper. However, shopping on the American website does have it’s downfalls. Namely- sometimes sellers will not ship to Australia. I have found in a couple of instances if you just ask them really nicely they will have no problem with it but sometimes they just flat out refuse.

Barry M Kohl Pencil

I encountered this when I was trying to buy a Barry M kohl eyeliner in black. I had owned one when I was living in London and had never used such a good eyeliner (never hard and scratchy on the eye, so soft, so glideable, so smudgeable) but I couldn’t get it in Australia. So I just stopped using eyeliner (it really was that good). Anyway, I found one on but the seller wouldn’t ship it to me (seriously you cant put a pencil in an envelope and send it to me even when I’M PAYING FOR THE SHIPPING?!!!?!??!) So I just went back to the old google search and came across this website which is actually an Australian website but stocks Barry M. Take that lazy eBay seller who wouldn’t ship to me. Take that indeed.

In summary, I guess I’m not telling any of you anything new here but I do hope that all of this might make you think about a product that you used to own and love so dearly and maybe will encourage you to go to the internet buy it, and reignite that love.

Article by dream make-up internet babe Adriane Daff.

Be well,