Winter Wellness at Karrinyup Shopping Centre!

With the winter months well and truly upon us, it can be so tempting to go into hibernation mode and indulge in comforting foods while our fitness levels quietly disappear. As tempting as this sounds, you might be regretting all those sticky date puddings come spring when pretty little dresses are back in season. Just because its cold and wet, doesn’t mean your health and wellbeing should take a backseat; in fact, with so many cold and flu bugs around, winter is the ideal time to boost your health and immune system.

If you are looking for a place to stock up on all things health and wellness, then Karrinyup Shopping Centre is your one stop shop. Aside from retail giants David Jones and Myer, Karrinyup has a huge offering of health, food and sports stores that are sure to inspire some winter wellness! I spent a day at Karrinyup road testing all of the best places to get your wellness fix, check out what I got up to…

♥ lululemon Karrinyup yoga ambassador Susie McLachlan

lululemon athletica

Everyone’s favourite yoga brand has tapped into a great community initiative and offer complimentary yoga & fitness classes in store. I’m not one for early Saturday mornings, but there was something so serene about starting my weekend with an 8am Yoga class. Lululemon’s classes are for everyone, so think gentle stretching, deep breathing, meditation and flexibility. It’s a bit distracting lying amongst all the colourful Luon and Wunder Unders though – I was picking out my favourites during downward dog, and just had to reward myself after the class!

Lululemon Karrinyup offers instore Yoga classes every Saturday morning, check out their community page for more info.


After my Yoga class, I floated down the shopping centre to T2 where I spent some time tasting the newest brews on offer. Shopping in T2 really is a treat for the senses, not only does the tea taste and smell amazing but beautifully decorated and bright tea wares fill the store, celebrating the history and art of brewing and drinking tea. My favourite T2 treat is Buddhas Tears, a light green jasmine infusion that delights the senses and warms the soul. Whether you’re really into your tea, or just like the odd spot of English Breakfast, T2 has something for everyone. They are even selling tea biscuits, jam and iced tea now!

The Coffee Club

The Coffee Club have really spruced up their menu of late, with a large range of healthier meals now available. I stopped by for breakfast, and absolutely devoured the fruit and nut muesli with yoghurt and honey! The atmosphere at Coffee Club is nice too, amongst the buzz of shoppers (staying out of the winter weather probably!) So get along to The Coffee Club, order a fresh juice and a healthy brekkie the next time you’re at Karrinyup and enjoy excellent customer service as well as a nutritious meal!

Karrinyup Fresh

I love supporting local fruit and veg shops; they seem to be offering such a better product than most supermarket chains. The locally sourced, organic produce is of such a high quality and is really quite kind to your wallet too! Karrinyup Fresh have a great range of fruit and vegetables available, with a lot of Western Australian produce on offer. I also noticed a lot of items that are hard to come by which you might find in the ingredients list of a yummy Asian noodle or curry dish. Stock up on veggies and make some tasty vegetable soups to keep you warm this winter!

Healthy Life

Healthy Life has been providing premium quality health foods and advice for Australians since 1968 – helping customers achieve and maintain their best health and sense of wellness. Healthy Life have a huge range of vitamins and mineral supplements (stock up on Vitamin C and Echinacea to ward off winter colds!), whole foods, herbal teas, beauty products and sports nutrition and supplements. I picked up some Eco Cacao Powder which I love using for baking!

Lorna Jane

Inspirational activewear label Lorna Jane have some great winter styles in store at the moment. Put some colour into your cold morning run with gorgeous new tights and tops in bright pink, purple and orange.

I am loving the new Max Impact Excel longsleeve top in electric purple – guaranteed to keep you warm and stand out in the workout crowd! Make sure you check out Lorna Jane’s gorgeous range of inspirational books and accessories too!


Australia’s favourite bookstore are now featuring a Healthy, Wealthy & Wise selection of books. Handpicked by Dymocks staff, these titles cover a range of topics including health, wellbeing, self help, religion and recipes. I picked up a couple of interesting titles: Religion For Atheists by Alain de Botton and I Quit Sugar by Sarah Wilson. Both of these reads are going to be eye opening for me, I am by no means an atheist but always searching for a bit more meaning in life and as for sugar, well, I know I can’t quit it completely but I’m looking forward to reducing my intake as much as I can!


A day of wellness wouldn’t be complete without a bit of pampering! Belén Karrinyup is the perfect place to switch off from the world and indulge in a bit of luxury for a while. I was very lucky to be treated to a De-Stress Facial, which is a combination of Belén’s signature facial treatment and a 30 minute massage.

This was the most relaxing and rejuvenating hour of my existence. My aching muscles melted away, my skin was deeply cleansed and exfoliated thanks to Dermalogica and I emerged in a state of tranquillity. The staff are fantastic, I was so impressed with their client service and truly felt like a valued customer. I will certainly be back for some more pampering this winter!

Rawsome Treats at Stockholm Café

Don’t forget to stop by Stockholm Café for one of Rawsome amazing treats! These little winners are the perfect snack for boosting energy levels and curbing cravings all in one little raw, organic and healthy treat. They are so yummy you wont believe it’s healthy!

Review by Lucy Anderson.

* Lucy was a guest of Karrinyup Shopping Centre.

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Be well,



Beauty Treatment Review: The Ultimate Facial by Arbonne!

♥ My facialist Maryanna Lucror

What better way to start a weekend than with a facial? Make that an ‘at home’ facial using one of the finest skin care brands, Arbonne. Now you’re talking!

The lovely Maryanna Lucror treated me to an Ultimate Facial last weekend, and my skincare resolutions for 2013 (to stick to using one brand) are now set in stone. Luckily, Arbonne is a product that my skin knows and loves (I have never had clearer, more glowing skin than when I used to use it), so I’m looking forward to getting that glow back!

♥ The beautiful Arbon, how amazing does it look?!

Hailing from the Swiss village Arbon, the highly regarded, premium skincare brand is inspired by nature and each product contains clinically proven and botanically based ingredients, which, in combination with meticulous research and testing, exceeds industry standards for purity.

My facial began with Arbonne’s FC5 Purifying Cleanser + Toner, a lightweight formula designed to simultaneously cleanse and tone the skin while visibly reducing oiliness. Ingredients include witch hazel and strawberry cells – yum! This was followed by the FC5 Exfoliating New Cell Scrub, a vitamin rich exfoliant with a slightly clay-based texture. The scrub feels warm on application and tingles slightly as it deeply purifies to reveal fresher, brighter skin. I love this scrub, and use it 3 times a week now!

My skin was then treated to the RE9 Cellular Renewal Masque – its key ingredients include pineapple, papaya enzymes and algae extract, which function to improve skin tone and texture and minimise pores. What I loved about this masque was that it didn’t dry and harden, which can be very harsh on the skin, particularly if it is sensitive. This masque is actually equivalent to two dermabrasion sessions (but without the risk) so to replenish the skins moisture, Maryanna applied the FC5 Skin Conditioning Oil. The oil hydrates, conditions and softens without being greasy or heavy on the skin.

I have quite dry skin, so to give it that extra moisture boost, the FC5 Intense Hydration Mask was then applied. This is a lighter, gel based mask containing fresh mango, sunflower seed oil and pomegranate extract. The RE9 Regenerating Toner was spritzed gently on my skin, followed by RE9 Eye Crème and FC5 Oil Absorbing Day Lotion with SPF 15.

♥ My Arbonne goodies!

The Arbonne Ultimate Facial was such a treat. It was relaxing, informative and luxurious and a product I really believe in. Since the facial, I ordered the FC5 Complexion Revitalizing Set and have been using it religiously! My skin loves me for it.

To purchase Arbonne or to find out more, contact Maryanna at

Or check out the Arbonne website

Do you have a favourite skincare brand that you have always used? Or have you tried Arbonne? I'd love to chat in the comments below!

Review by Lucy, Arbonne convert and preacher!

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Be well,