Lush Divine Whale Soap – Raising Money for the Sea Shepherds.

Whales are pretty sweet. They’re beautiful, graceful sea wanderers and can even help us chill out (cue hippie whalesong CD). While Wellness WA is mostly concerned with the wellbeing of people, we also like to take care of our animal friends too. That’s why I wanted to share with you this great little product that Lush have brought out, the ‘Divine Whale‘ soap!

It contains uplifting essential oils of sweet orange and tangerine and all profits are donated to Sea Shepherd’s Operation Divine Wind campaign.

Sea Shepherd Australian Director, Jeff Hansen, says, “During the 1900s, the majority of soap was made from whale blubber, making the launch of Lush’s Divine Whale soap even more significant. Lush’s strict no animal testing policy and its dedication to creating ethical, sustainable cosmetics makes us proud to stand alongside them.”

♥ This ones for you guys x

Divine Whale Soap is just $4.95 (WHAT A BARGAIN!) with all profits donated to the Sea Shepherd Divine Wind campaign. Perfect as a chrissy gift for yourself, an eco-conscious friend and, of course, the whales.

Support some whales now so there will be plenty around in the future! Available online or in-store 🙂

What do you think of the Divine Whale soap? Are you keen to get your hands on some? I’m heading out to pick some up during the week!

Be well,