Top 6 Vegan Beauty Products You’ll Love!

It can be tough to find delicious, natural body products that are kind to animals and the earth. Vegans may be stereotyped as unwashed hippies but this girly-girl likes to look and smell cute while she’s helping to save the world! It’s taken a lot of experimentation to find my favourites but here are my top six:

Lush – I love Juicy Shampoo, from $10.95

Remember when Lush were just about glittery bath bombs? Those sparkly balls of fun are still there, but now Lush also stock an incredible range of fresh, hand-made skin and body care clearly labelled ‘Vegan’. Thank you, Lush! This fun, fruity shampoo smells amazing and is packed with organic papaya, kiwi and citrus oils for beautiful shine.

Lush – Veganese Conditioner, from $13.95

This creamy conditioner kicks lanolin to the curb and uses agar seaweed gel to soften, and lavender and lemons to add shine. It’s perfect for fine hair like mine – adding moisture without weighing it down or becoming too greasy.

Lush – Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner, $29.95

Chock full of creamy capuacu, brazil nut, shea and cocoa butters, this is the ultimate in deep, hydrating luxury. The fact that it makes your skin smell like roses in the sunshine is just a very happy bonus.

Kosmea Rosehip Oil, from $24.95

Incredibly rich and velvety, Australian owned, ethically sourced and 100% certified organic, this is bliss in a bottle. Best of all I started receiving compliments about my ‘glow’ from the end of the first week! Apply immediately after showering and allow it to absorb for a couple of minutes before applying eye cream, moisturiser and make-up. It’s perfect for night time application before bed too, but just be careful to protect your pillowslips because the rich colour can stain. Read about a rosehip ritual here for more rosehip goodness!

Joi Pure Recovery Eye Serum, $35.00

Enriched with natural anti-ageing ingredients like Argan Oil, Green Tea and Ginseng, I apply it twice a day and pop it into the fridge first if I feel like an extra treat. The cool creaminess is oh so soothing on your delicate eye area.

Lush – Ultrabalm, $7.90

As a former-Lucas’ Papaw Ointment addict, this all-purpose balm is my all-time, so-crazy-good, can’t-live-without-it favourite! First recommended to me by one of my blog readers when I mentioned my previous battles with eczema, I was hooked from the minute I first tried it and now never go anywhere without it. Great for dry hands, cracked heels, sunburnt lips and even under your make-up if your face is feeling particularly dry. Free from all of the nasty petrochemicals found in Lucas’ Papaw Ointment, it contains just three heavenly ingredients: Organic Jojoba Oil, Candelilla Wax and Rose Wax.

Article by Rebecca, a self-confessed glitterbug and fruit addict. She is currently studying at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and writes about love, life, laughter and sparkly vegan adventures on her blog Vegan Sparkles!