Product Review: b Collection by Bloom, Black Crackle Polish!

One of my absolute favourite things about make-up is the fact that you can use it to express yourself creatively. It’s your face and quite frankly you can do anything you want to it…and then wash it off later. For me, this includes the nails. If it were practical, I would get those super long nails that you can paint all kinds of nail art on to- sunsets, space scapes, mountains, animals- but I would be rendered pretty much useless like that so I have to look for another option for my much shorter nails.

What about the b nail polish collection by Bloom? Aside from having every colour under the rainbow designed to help celebrate your bold spirit (ahhhhh right after my own heart!) they now have a Crackle top coat in Black.

The possibilities here are endless. Paint your nails any colour you so desire (you need some polish on your nails for it to work even a clear base coat would be fine as long as there’s something there), I painted mine green on one hand and half purple/half pink on the other hand, and then you paint the Crackle top coat over it and watch the magic. As the black coat dries it quite literally cracks revealing the colour you painted underneath. Over the green it leaves my nails looking like lizard skin and over the pink and purple my nails look like delicious little Easter eggs. I had to try more! Over red my nails look like volcanic lava, over yellow it looks like graffiti, over silver it looks like the moon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe I can achieve that space scape after all? The best part is you don’t have to be super neat in your application of the Crackle top coat because it’s going to crack when it dries anyway leaving a pretty rustic kind of look. My only tip would be that after you apply the Crackle top coat you should apply a clear top coat because the black does look a little bit dry and can be a bit rough after it cracks. This just makes sure that your lava graffiti moon manicure lasts a bit longer!

I cant wait for this Crackle top coat to come out in more colours (I hope you do this Bloom), especially pink so then I can paint it over red to wear my favourite colour combination around on my nails all the time. And then I can’t wait for white. And then neon orange. And then EVERY colour. Imagine the possibilities then! AND, Halloween is coming up, maybe to get in the spirit you could paint some of the black Crackle top coat over orange, maybe then your nails will look like pumpkins!

It’s such a fun way to do something a bit different with your nails, try some over your favourite nail polish shade to give your manicure a new lease on life.

I’ve really only skimmed the surface here…what other colour combinations can you guys think of that I’ve missed?

b Collection by Bloom – Black Crackle
Price: $12.95
Where: Exclusive to Target

Review by Adriane Daff, colour enthusiast, nail polish lover, excitable human being.

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