Aromatherapy Product Review: Candles, Massage Oil & Essential Oil from the Aromatherapy Company!

It might sound a little odd coming from a 20-something female with a mild case of credit card reliance, but I really can’t stand perfume. That sickly sweet, acidic smell makes me wrinkle my nose and pray for sweet release every time I walk past the fragrances counter. I may as well be sniffing bleach. I’m the odd one out amongst my peers, but I much prefer more natural, and less pungent products rather than 100mls of olfactory assault dressed up with Justin Bieber’s seal of approval. Ick.

I am not a Belieber. Sorry Justin.

Scent has a large effect on the emotions, and its not just a concept dreamt up by poets. For example, the smell of lavender relaxes me, cinnamon excites me, and the smell of Kim Kardashian’s latest release makes me twitch anxiously. Our olfactory receptors (our sense of smell in every day terms) are directly connected to the part of our brain responsible for emotions. Each scent may be different for everyone, but generally when a person smells something delicious their mood improves. Kind of like when you smell chocolate, or freshly baked cupcakes. Instant happy high!

This is the philosophy that the Aromatherapy Company has employed with their products. Using 100% essential oils, their wares contain no nasties like chemicals or preservatives. I managed to score some of their goods recently on a particularly crap morning, and they definitely wiped the angry princess sour puss scowl off my face.

Juniper Berry and White Thyme Massage Oil

The scent from this baby is subtle, relaxing and quite pleasant. It’s supposed to be used as a massage oil, but I found it works perfect as an after-shower all over body moisturizer. After the general slipperiness has subsided, my skin feels baby-bottom soft afterwards. It takes about 10 minutes for the product to absorb, and leaves little to no oily residue on clothes or bed sheets.

Cocoa, Vanilla and Cassia Soy Candle

You can’t really go wrong with Soy Candles. Their scent is far more potent than bees wax blends, they’re environmentally friendly, and soy wax is soooo much easier to clean off the carpet! Trust me! I find that this is the perfect candle to burn throughout winter – it reminds me of baking scones, drinking hot chocolates, and is temptingly spicy and warm. Perfect for the chillier months when you’re wrapped up in your doona cocoon, and the packaging is sleek and stylish too.

Lavender, Manuka and Wild Chamomile Essential Oil Blend

If you’re a light sleeper and like me have a serious case of ‘monkey-mind’ come bed time, give essential oils a go for a completely natural method of relaxation. This one’s made for use in a burner to achieve the best effect, but I can imagine adding a few drops to a nice, hot bath would be a sweet experience too.

Stockists: The Aromatherapy Company products are available from David Jones stores, and a few other select locations.

Have you tried aromatherapy products before? What are you favourite scents and benefits?

Review by Camilla Peffer, “Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness.”

Be well,