Product Review: Comvita Skincare for Bright Skin, Intense Hydration and Eczema Fighting Ability!

I am going to start straight off by going out on a tangent and then I will quickly get to the point of this review, which, for the record, is of a few lovely Comvita products. I tend to suffer pretty badly from hay fever in the spring-time months and after a particularly bad bout this year I decided to look into how I could stop feeling like my life force was slowly dripping out of my eyes, ears and nose every time I stepped out of the house. One of the coolest suggestions was from a naturopath who said I should have a spoonful of honey (the real deal kind of stuff) every morning. Apparently the natural pollens and…ah…bee juices (?) would help build up my resistance to the outside world which I believed was trying to kill me.

I thought this woman was a genius, but guess what? Turns out other people have been onto this honey idea for a while. Example; Claude Stratford (aged 63, go Claude!) started the whole Comvita line by making and selling a range of bee products from his home.

His goal, ‘to produce natural products that work, and acting in a way which preserves the environment for generations to come’ is something that I can really get behind, so for the purposes of this review (see I told you I would get there in the end) I tried the Brightening Moisturizer, the Intense Hydrating Mask and the Medihoney Eczema cream.

I don’t think there’s much that’s been left out of the Brightening Moisturizer (RRP $44) – Olive leaf extract, liquorice root extract (for brightening), rosehip, macadamia, sunflower and soybean oils AND shea butter. AND SPF 15. I heartily applaud any moisturizer that has an SPF in it. What an added bonus. This moisturizer is thicker than your average bear but its not greasy and its doesn’t leave a slimy residue, which means you aren’t left looking shiny. I loved it. An instant addition to my use-everyday beauty products.

The Intense Hydrating Mask with Manuka honey (RRP $50) is a very light mask that kind of just looks like a really heavy moisturizer. You can leave it on for a while and then rinse it off or you can keep it on overnight for something a bit more…as the name states…intense. The Manuka honey in the product is there to slow down the signs of ageing by targeting the skin’s elasticity. I really enjoyed it for its hydrating prowess; in these dry summer months this would be a friend indeed for those of you who are feeling the heat! Heaven knows your skin is feeling it too.

I have left the Medihoney Eczema Cream (RRP $13.95) ’til last, because in my opinion it’s the most successful. What I am about to tell you…I do not know why I am publishing this on the Internet, but what the hey it might help others right?

I have one fingernail that I call Howard. It’s my middle finger on my right hand, and up until recently I thought we were going to lose Howard. I thought he was going to fall off. For some unknown, ungodly reason I was getting such bad eczema underneath my finger nail (ew ew ew gross I know) that it was pushing my fingernail (my poor Howard) off of my body. It was awful, it was painful and it was just plain old weird (why only one fingernail?) But guess what? The Medihoney Eczema Cream saved my Howard!

He has rejoined his nine other brother and sisters back where he belongs and things are looking good! I’ve tried many, many different products and I am being absolutely honest with you when I say that this is the first thing to really work. It might be the medical honey or the coconut oil, the evening primrose oil, the aloe vera or the vitamin E present in the product but whatever the magical ingredient I don’t live in fear of having one ugly nail-less finger.

♥ Medical Manuka Honey

The bees and I have been triumphant! Now I cant wait to try that spoon full o’ manuka honey next year when the fever of hay rears it’s ugly head once more…

In the meantime, you can get the three products I mentioned (plus many more) here:

Have you tried medical honey before? Got some eczema that wont budge? Lets chat about it!

Review by Adriane, Wellness WA contributor & slightly embarrassed owner of Howard.

Be well,