Perth Market Review: Stirling Farmers Market, Cedric Street, Stirling.

♥ All photos © Glennys Marsdon

I have to admit the thought of exploring the Stirling Farmers Market on a steamy thunderstorm induced morning, didn’t have me bouncing out of bed, still I’m quite partial to wandering around markets, and I’d heard a few good things about this one on the local grapevine.

Situated in the shadows of the Council building, it was a pleasure to drive straight into a car space, without having to tail a vegetable laden customer snaking their way back to their car. With parking for 350 cars the first signs were good for the growing market.

♥ Free range ‘Eggs by Ellah

Strolling around the stalls my gait resembled the limited trajectory of a chess pawn as I bounced from one shaded area to another. Thankfully the vibrant colours of the produce took my mind off the heat and the stall owners were quick to chat about their produce. I even overheard one arranging to personally deliver an order later in the day.

♥ Marchetti and Sons Roleystone, Fruit

The trays of apricots were gone by 9am, and the tomatoes selling quicker than they could be bagged. It was a delight to buy fruit that wasn’t already teetering around its use by date. Even more delightful was having the stall owner’s son carry larger orders to your car. You don’t find that at your local megastore.

Trays of ripe avocados

Moroccan spices


Raw juices

Other stalls were equally enticing – artisan breads catering to a range of dietary needs, natural honey, local garlic, Moroccan spices, a multitude of mushrooms, flowers and an array of freshly squeezed juices, some thick enough to stand on their own, sans bottle.


Organic bread from Abhi’s Bakery

Two years in the planning, the markets first opened on December 18th. Organised by the Karrinyup Rotary Club, all produce must be locally produced. The aim is to extend the range and possibly offer one stall free of charge to local clubs holding membership drives or community awareness programs.

With my car boot full of produce I ended my morning sitting under a shady tree nibbling on a moist apple coconut slice, while watching crepes being cooked and hoping the markets get the community support they need to continue beyond the trial period of February 26th. I’m definitely going back next weekend if only for another piece of the apple slice, but first… does anyone know what I can do with a tray of avocados, two bags of tomatoes and six huge, crisp pink lady apples?

Stirling Farmers Market is located on Cedric Street, Stirling, Sundays 7.30 – 11.30 am until February 26th! It needs as much support as it can get to continue operating, so please check it out if you’re nearby (or even if you’re not!) 🙂

Review by Glennys, writer & farmers market advocate!