Beauty & Wellbeing Crushes: Michelle Bridges Program, Zevia, Natural Lip Glosses & Sweet Rose Tea!

1. Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation

Have you noticed Michelle Bridges is everywhere at the moment? There’s good reason for it. This woman is making a big difference to waistlines around the country, including mine! I signed up for the 12 week body transformation program for $199 and I was not disappointed. A weekly meal plan (breakfast, lunch, dinner is on there with a snack suggestion list accessible on the site) with calorie details, exercise plan and shopping list is emailed to you on a Thursday to begin the next Monday. It took some discipline and hard work on my behalf too of course (as Michelle says, she can’t do the training for you), but over the Christmas period I still managed to finish with 2.5kg lost and 20cm gone from around my body. Meals like butter chicken (minus the butter but just as tasty), nachos, pancakes and plenty of interesting salads were some of my favourites. It was thorough, inspiring, very well-thought out and I would recommend it to anyone who needs some direction and inspiration for their health and fitness.

3. Zevia

The ingredient list of diet drinks is frightening and the sugar content of soft drinks is too high – but for those of you who can’t give the fizzy drop up, I have the answer. Zevia is a naturally sweetened (with stevia, a plant from the sunflower family) drink with zero calories. It comes in loads of yummy flavours (I like pink grapefruit and grape the best) and I found mine at the Subiaco Farmer Jacks (they stopped stocking it recently, but I’ve put in a request for it to return which they promised it would!) or PAWS in Northbridge. Try it!

4. Youngblood Lip Glosses

Ok, I love having bright matte lips like any gal around town at the moment but nothing screams summer like slightly pink, shiny lips – amirite? I love Youngblood’s lip gloss in “Devotion” which is a peachy pink with a hint of shimmer. Pucker up!

5. Tulsi Sweet Rose Tea

I need something sweet after dinner. I know I shouldn’t and all the anti-sugarists will be shaking their heads and sighing at this, but I do and I like it! However, this new-to-me tea hits the spot without diving head first into a block of chocolate. Perfectly sweet, with a gorgeous rose flavour I just feel like a lady drinking it! Poured into my pink yummy mummy cup, there ain’t a better way to finish a lovely day. Available from most health food shops!

What are you crushing on this week? Share your current loves in the comments below! 🙂

Article by Lisa O'Neill, freelance writer, mama & sugar-free soft drink advocate!

Be well,