Beauty Salon Review: Microdermabrasion Facial at Be Ba Beau / Beauty by Rayne Morgan, Highgate.

I’m not a facial girl by nature. If I have time, cash, and feel like treating myself then I am all over a full body massage. So when I was given a gift certificate for a facial for Xmas, I was hoping I could exchange it for something more my style.

The voucher was for Be Ba Beau in Highgate. A quick Google and I learned that they do not have a website (which always frustrates me), so I couldn’t see the price list for treatments and possible other options. After a few phone calls, messages, and finally a trip down to the actual salon – I had a hard copy of my options as well as the knowledge that the Beauty part of the hairdressers is a separate business- Beauty by Rayne, though the treatments take place by Rayne in the same super cute house as her Mum’s salon.

My previous hatred of facials is only based on 2 experiences to be fair. The first one in London where for the full hour the therapist repeatedly put various smelling stuff on and then immediately off of my face and then in China at a crazy 24 hour spa which was just wholly bizarre in so many ways (email me and I will tell you why) and was a waste of my face’s time.

The anatomy of microdermabrasion.

Rayne listened to my facial concerns and suggested the microdermabrasion was the way to go, as it would be effective in reducing some of my zillions of newly acquired Perth freckles!! I had never heard of this sort of thing and thought that a voucher was a great time to do something I would not usually go for, especially when it would be of great benefit.

Now, there were a few teething problems booking in for my treatment, so when the day finally came I was excited to finally get in there!!

The facial itself was brilliant and worth the initial hassle. It contained all of the nice rituals that one would expect (exfoliation, face and neck massage, hot towel and mask) all done by Rayne who is gorgeous and so good at what she does. The best bit was the actual microdermabrasion which is “a mechanical medium for exfoliation along with adjustable suction to remove away the outermost layer of dead skin cells”. It is a non-invasive procedure and wasn’t painful, nor pleasurable but boy did I see results quickly.

The exfoliation part has evolved from rocks, stones and shells, to crystals, particle-free diamond tips and particle-free bristle tips. Rayne uses a machine with diamond tips as she feels it goes deeper than most, without being too abrasive, she likes to go as deep as she can to decrease the amount of times a client has to come in for treatments. I was told that 1-2 more times would be most effective at this stage for me to really get at those pesky freckles but then I wouldn’t need constant treatments as my skin is in quite good shape.

A lot of women get it every week or fortnight and apparently it is very good for wrinkle reduction, as well as freckles.

This is a different kind of ‘freckle reduction’ hehe..

In terms of my own results… it worked a treat. My husband noticed immediately (a great feat in itself) and my skin looked like it had done during a Canadian winter!! I will now be staying out of the sun religiously and get top ups once in a while as a treat. I think it is not only great for older ladies as wrinkle reduction and skin rejuvenation, but also for us fairer sun babies who are sick of too many dark freckles and sun spots. I can think of a few friends with weddings coming up that may be interested too.

Rayne also informed me that they are in the process of getting a website up too, hooray!!

(But for now you can check out their Facebook if you are interested)

Microdermabrasion and decolletage and full facial: $130.

Be Ba beau Hair and Beauty
455 Beaufort Street, Highgate, 6003

Ph: 93282888

Review by Sarah Devlin, my personal trainer of choice and super cute freckly gal.

Be well,