Product Review: Milky Foot!

Milky Foot

After a long winter of hibernating beneath boots and tights, my feet were looking a little rough and neglected. Not being the kind of girl to shell out $80 on a pedicure, I was eager to try ‘Milky Foot’. This product claims to create milky smooth feet without any scrubbing or exfoliating, with just one application. It sounded too good to be true!

After washing my feet I cut open the two packages and slipped my feet into the gel-filled plastic pouches, putting socks on over the top. There was quite a strong chemical smell to the gel, similar to hair bleach, which made me worry a little as to whether this would burn. However after my 60-90 minutes of foot-soaking I was relieved to see I still had all ten toes. I took off the plastic pouches, rinsed my feet and hands and commenced the waiting game.

‘Milky Foot’ claims to begin working in about 5-10 days, and after 5 days I noticed skin beginning to peel from the areas of hard skin. It was pretty unpleasant to look at, and I endured around 5 more days of skin slipping from the soles of my feet. After the peeling subsided I was left with the results promised, and now have heels as soft as a baby’s behind.

Applying ‘Milky Foot’ was very easy, and I liked the fact that there was no hard work involved. If you can live with peeling feet for around a week, I would recommend ‘Milky Foot’ as an effortless alternative to home or salon pedicures.

It retails in selected pharmacies for $29.95 (small) or $34.95 (large).

Or can be purchased online here: Buy Milky Foot!

Review by Katy Lock

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