Alternative Therapy Review: Skin Naturopathy for Acne @ Mi:Skn Clinic, Highgate.

I remember my first pimple fondly. Year 7, it was time for our yearly school picture and my best friend at the time had also broken out with one on the day of the photo. We both laughed, unaware of the imminent cascade of hormones about to wreak their havoc on our bodies (and skin).

Throughout high school I suffered from moderate-severe acne that would serve to crush most of my confidence. Although hormones played a large part, I failed to realise that eating mini pizzas, a bag of chips, 5 packets of wizz fizz and 3 glasses of soft drink each day was not doing my skin any favours. Not to mention my non-existant exercise routine and penchant for spending hours in front of the computer completing Dawson’s Creek quizzes.

Fast forward to now (10 years later!) and my skin has mostly settled down. However I have some persistant mild acne on the chin that almost never goes away, and any zit that pops up takes forever to heal. No amount of products have been able to get rid of it.

WHATS A GAL TO DO? In my quest for clear skin, I decided to look inside for the answers and see a naturopath who specialises in the treatment of acne, Brooke from mi:skn.

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The consultation starts with an extremely comprehensive question/discussion session incorporating many aspects of your current/past health and lifestyle. Things such as diet, stress levels, skin type, menstrual cycle (for the ladies!) and many more are examined, all of which can help paint a picture of your internal health and point towards some corrective remedies.

The most interesting part of the session was a zinc test (zinc is super important for pimple/wound healing and general health!), which involves swirling some clear liquid around in your mouth for 10 seconds. If it tastes absolutely horrible – you’re in luck! Your zinc levels are adequate. Unfortunately for me, I couldn’t taste anything, which means… you guessed it, very zinc deficient.

Brooke prescribed me some vitamin c and zinc powder which should help to remedy this, and we’ll test my levels again in a few weeks time.

I was also prescribed a couple of other natural medicines to take that should help my skin on its way to being pimple free.

It’s not just about supplements though, personal lifestyle factors such as diet and exercise also play a huge role. I’ve been advised to cut down on sugars, carbs and grains, which is VERY hard for me, and dose up on vegetarian proteins and fresh veggies.

I will keep you all updated on my hopefully successful journey to clearer skin! Oh and I forgot to mention, Brooke has wonderful skin and she says that wasn’t always the case, which makes it very easy to believe that she knows what she’s talking about.

mi:skin is located in Highgate.

For bookings and extra information call: 0414 277 761 or Email:

Tell me, have you ever seen a naturopath for your skin or a naturopath in general?

I would love to hear your thoughts!

Disclaimer: My initial consultation was provided to me for review, however any supplements and additional consults are coming out of my own pocket. The complementary nature of the consult in no way affects my review. 🙂

Be well,