Spray Tan Review: Envy Makeup, Tan and Beauty Bar, Mount Lawley.

I have a secret to tell. And it’s kind of hard to announce it because im a self proclaimed beauty addict.

Up until a few weeks ago… I had never had a professional spray tan.

PHEW. There. It’s off my chest.

I decided an impending trip overseas was the perfect time to get bronzed and I booked in with Envy Makeup, tan and beauty bar, in Mount Lawley: http://www.envyonbeaufort.com.au/.

I was so nervous before I went that I spent days researching what I might need to do when I was there, what I had to do before I got it done and also the maintenance that was required. Heres what I learnt:

Exfoliate. DUH. We all know this. So I scrubbed and scrubbed the morning of the tan, making sure no pesky skin cells were left hanging around. After the scrubbing though, my skin was awfully dry which of course meant I needed to moisturise. This posed a problem because I was told to have no products on my skin before a tan. No deodorant, no moisturizer, no perfume na da. Because I was getting my tan right after work this meant I had to be like this all day. Yuck. Moral of the story is, try and get to a shower before your appointment to avoid being product free at work.

♥ Secondly, don’t shave. I thought at the time, “Oh I’m so clever, I’m going to shave the morning of and that way I wont have to shave for a few days, thus keeping my limbs bronzed for longer”. WRONG. I got this weird dotty rashy thing from the tan seeping into my freshly shaved legs. So save the shave for after the tan, preferably when it has set.

♥ To maintain your glow once you have been sprayed, use a moisturiser with no Alpha-Hydroxy Acids, as this breaks down the colour. I used the Neutrogena Norwegian moisturiser and found it was super duper hydrating.

As you can see I really went to town on the research. So now it was time for the tan. Like I said, by now I was a tad nervous. Once i arrived I was greeted by my assistant for the session. She was very welcoming and immediately got into business. I was asked how dark I would like to go and Envy’s various shades and formulas were then explained to me. Envy specialise in formulas that have a low DHA concentration, creating a subtle tan, perfect for white gals like me.

After I picked my colour I was taken into a little room with a booth similar to a shower. Your assistant will ask you if you would like to go nude, wear underwear or a disposable G-string, I chose to wear a g string and no bra… In about 4 minutes my assistant was back, she didn’t bat an eyelid at my exposed state which immediately put me at ease.

Just before starting my lady gave me a cream that I applied to my bumpy bits to prevent streaking. Make sure you slap that cream on; don’t be shy like I was or you will streak!

I was then asked to stand with my arms spread in the shower while the tan was applied with a device similar to an air brush. 5 minutes in I was already glowing!

After I was sprayed I then received a dry down with warm air from the air brush and I was left to dress.

My experience was professional and comfortable, pretty good for a first time I think. My tan lasted 36 hours on a plane (plane trips dehydrate you which in turn can reduce your tan!) and by following the tips I mentioned earlier, my colour lasted a total of 8 days!

No longer do I shake in fear at the thought of a professional spray tan…. I am now addicted.


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Review by April Rose, spray tan convert.

Be well,