Product Review: OPI Muppet Collection!

I have a philosophy that life’s problems can be somewhat softened by pretty, twinkling nails. Just try staying in a storm of a mood whilst shaking a sparkling fist of glitter! Superficial as this may sound, we are talking about nail polish, ladies. When I heard that O.P.I was releasing a new line in collaboration with The Muppets and their up-coming movie, I knew it was well and truly time to play the music and time the lights.

The collection features 6 bright sequined glittery lacquers, four metallic shades and 2 rich shades of burgundy red, each as vibrant and equally as loud as the Muppet characters they’re named after.

I chose Divine Swine, a rhapsodic sparkling pink lacquer, because secretly I am five and currently have an obsession with all things flamboyant. I also chose Pepe’s Purple Passion, a slightly less shimmery but still enthusiastic reddish mauve, just to feel a little more age appropriate. I probably wouldn’t wear these to work if you have a uniform code because your hands will probably look as though you’ve been strangling fairies. Save these sparkly delights for special occasions.

Divine Swine requires a solid undercoat. Otherwise you could just apply multiple layers of the sparkly stuff, but it probably won’t look as good. I used a soft pink so the glitter would take centre stage. Here are the results.

♥ Divine Swine

For those who aren’t ready to commit to Sparkle Motion, try one the more subtler lacquers. Pepe’s Purple Passion is a deep shade of red wine, infused with just the right amount of shimmer for the silly season.

♥ Pepe’s Purple Passion

Are you ever too old to glitterfy your life? Who is your favourite Muppets character?

Available now on Adore Beauty, and from select salons and David Jones late November.
RRP: $19.95