Organic Fruit and Vegetable Boxes in Perth: Organic ‘n Green Review!

Me with ma veggies.

Welcome to the best thing ever for people who want a very easy way to be a LOT healthier! I don’t know about you, but as much as I love going to the supermarket, I feel overwhelmed when I walk into the fresh fruit and veggie section. What should I get? What am I going to need this week? Which is freshest? How many chemicals have been sprayed onto these? Are common questions that attack me…

$45 boxes of organic fruit n veg from Organic n Green (based in Wanneroo) solve all my woes:

1. They deliver! $45 + delivery fee.

2. It’s kinda like your Mum has come round and said “Here dear, this is what is good for you that you should be eating this week”, so I then plan meals accordingly without having to deliberate over what to get at the shops.

3. We’ve ordered three times so far and the variety is huge! They pick the best, freshest stuff each day and send it off to you in a reusable foam box with frozen cooler bottle.

4. Certified organic! No pesticides & chemicals entering your body.

5. Great value. in the last box we got 43 pieces of fruit n veg, which works out to be a little under $1.50 per item. Considering that some of the items are big sweet potatoes, half a pineapple, avocadoes, and bunches of asparagus, this is awesome!

6. With each order, the value just keeps becoming more apparent. The 2nd order we received 48 items, and the most recent was 52! Excellent! Naturally there will be variation depending on what’s been supplied, but I really feel like it’s 300% worth it.

7. You can let them know what stuff you’re not so keen on, and they take it into account when creating your box o goodies.

Veggie box day is better than Christmas for me, I’m a huge dork so I get really excited when opening the carton and seeing what goodies will be entering my world that week.

Photo by Organic n Green.

Here’s what I’ve received in the three orders undertaken

♥ Numero Uno ♥ 6 x Silverbeet stalks, 1/2 white cabbage, head of broccoli, 3 x onions, 2 x zucchini, 1 x garlic, 4 x ‘real looking’ carrots, 2 x asparagus bunches, 2 x avocados, 5 x tomatoes (roma + regular), 2 x sweet potato, 3 x kiwi fruit, 2 x mangoes, 2 x bananas, 4 x plums, 1/2 a pineapple.

♥ Two ♥ 1/2 red cabbage, 1 x bag mixed lettuces, 2 x corns, 3 x tomatoes, 3 x small cucumbers, 2 x onions, 4 x carrots, 4 x potatoes, 1 x broccoli, 1 x red capsicum, 3 x beetroot, small bag of green beans, 2 x avocados, 2 x peaches, 2 x kiwi fruit, 4 x plums, 3 x apricots, 2 x mangoes, 2 x oranges.

♥ Three ♥ Bag of baby spinach, 2 x Nashi pears, 2 x plums, 2 x bananas, 1/2 white cabbage, 1 x broccoli, 3 x apples, 5 x tomatoes, 1 x green capsicum, 1 x 250gm strawberries, 1 x mango, 3 x baby eggplants, 1 x zucchini, 1 x large ginger, 1 x large corn, small bag of green beans, 2 x kiwi fruit, 7 x baby carrots, 3 x beetroots, 7 x potatoes, 1 x sweet potato, 5 x onions, 2 x garlic.


Organic n Green also provide a large variety of other organic produce.

This, along with personal training, yoga, massage and a good nights sleep, is one of my TOP TOP TOP tips for making yourself feel great and boosting your wellbeing.

I can’t rave about it highly enough, I’m a very happy customer! I will be trialling other organic fruit and vegetable box providers in Perth so that I can do a ‘comparative study’ 😉 and figure out the best one, but for now I’m loving these guys, their customer service is lovely to boot.

Organic n Green is owned by Tony and Alicia Lopez.

Contact: 0416 02 82 92

Be well,