Beauty Product Review: Peachface for Children and Tweens.

Today we’ve got a very special article from our newest beauty writer in the making, Kate! Kate is 12 years old and has trialled some skincare products from Peachface range for us, because kids deserve high quality prods with minimal nasties too. Read on to see what she thinks, and if you have any younger girls in your life this could be a good way to get them started on a love affair with healthy skincare early on.


My first impression was “wow”, it looked really appealing and I wanted to try it straight away


When I first saw the packaging I thought it was really pretty. I liked the purple background and I really liked the quotes on the products like “I am wonderful and Beautiful” and “I am Following My Dreams”. They send a very important message to girls. I thought the little peach character was so cute. I think the products would be very appealing to girls like me!


The Sweet Blossom Face Cleanser was a nice product it smelt of apricot. It felt nice as I smoothed it over my face and when I washed it off my face felt clean.


The Refreshing Mist Toner was a spray on and it smelt like roses. It was like a refreshing mist of air. I had never used a toner and it was a fun experience and very easy to use.


The Honey Bee Moisturiser was a sweet smelling delight that made my skin softer and I think it is a really effective moisturiser. I think this a good moisturiser for night time. In the morning I like to use a moisturiser with SPF 15 or 30.


The Rosie Pink Mask was a new experience for me because I haven’t used one before and I can say that it was a great experience. I liked the sweet smell and the texture. My skin felt so clean and refreshed.


I really liked using these products and my favourite was the Rosie Pink Face Mask because it was fun using a mask and I felt like it was helping keep my skin soft and radiant.

I would recommend these products to my friends and I believe they would enjoy the experience and results of these products as much as I have.
Thank you for the opportunity to use these lovely products.

Review by Kate, age 12

Gorgeous right?! Do you have any kids or teenagers who could benefit from skincare that is a little more natural?

Be well,