Exercise Review: Power Plate at the Perth Pilates Studio, North Perth.

Ever had that feeling when you’re in a HUGE exercise funk? Bored of the gym, not feeling Zen enough for yoga, can’t be bothered to drag yourself out for a run? Yep…me too. I don’t know if it’s the cooler weather, but the pull of comfort food and a cosy night in is currently much more seductive than getting my exercise groove on.

I might have just the thing for you if so. Something that will make you giggle and grin and possibly even forget that you’re getting a super dooper workout. Possibly.

Enter the Power Plate at Perth Pilates Studio. I recently had the pleasure of a private session with the lithe and graceful Liz Wilson who took me through a 30 minute session, which is apparently equivalent to a hard 60-90 minutes weights workout. So super-efficient too.

Power Plate works by stimulating the body’s natural response to vibration which activates accelerated muscle contractions. It’s a low impact exercise, so suitable for people recovering from injuries, as well as exercise renegades like me.

There’s a definite knack to positioning yourself on the Plate. Before you get this there can be a strange ‘teeth chattering’ effect at times, which is rather unnerving. But Liz is there to guide you through all of this, with sessions offered either one to one or small groups.

The session involved a series of static and dynamic exercises, such as lunges and crunches, and while it was challenging, it was also fun, novel and boredom-busting. Another bonus was the massage at the end of the workout, as the Power Plate doubles up as your own personal masseuse. This boosts circulation, reducing post-workout soreness and, so they say, decreases cellulite. It’s also a great reward for all of your efforts. Did I mention super-efficient?!

Intrigued? Find out more at the Perth Pilates Studio website.

Have you ever ventured onto the Power Plate? How did you find it if so? And what are your tips for mixing things up with your exercise routine?

Article by Karen Miller, reformed gym junkie, but self-confessed endorphin addict!