WA Beauty Product Review: Franc Essential Serum & Lemongrass Balancing Mist.

You know those times when all you and your skin crave is just a little nurture and comfort – enter ‘Franc Essential’.

Franc are a West Australian company based in Darlington. They make stunning face and body care products without any chemicals or any other yukky harsh stuff. This is why not only are they treatments for your skin, but also work like aromatherapy and are good for the soul.

I live a very busy life and get up at 4am for my current gig and often go to bed late. My poor face was in need of a bit of TLC, hello ‘Franc Serum’! RRP $72

It’s an intense skin rescue that hydrates and helps to stave off the introduction of those pesky fine lines. Silky and indulgent, it goes a long way so you only need to use the smallest amount. From the first use my skin was glowing and my nerves calmed. In its all consuming aroma I can smell lavender, rose & geranium. It’s calming, healing and just beautiful.

The list of ingredients is like a gorgeous summer menu, avocado oil, apricot kernel oil, carrot & macadamia oils and more! It’s got to be jammed packed of vitamins! However as this product is made of oils if your skin is more on the oily side this is not for you.

Now on to my next point – are times when you feel yourself flagging? Well crumple no more my lovelies! These days I just reach for my ‘Lemongrass Balancing Mist’ RRP $18 and give myself a big ol’ pickup!

Reminiscent of day spa’s I’ve visited in Asia this uplifting spray is best carried around in your handbag or the top drawer of your desk. It would also be a skin life saver when flying, making you the envy of the other passengers! On top of being a great pick me up it also prepares your skin to make your moisturiser more effective – clever little thing!

So give your skin and your soul a lift and support a fabulous West Australian company – Franc Essential.

Review by Kristy Mollica freelance TV and radio presenter, lover of girl power, farmers markets & things that are so totally not beige!