Exercise Class Review: Tai Chi at Next Generation Health Club, Kings Park.

As I’ve been a bit slack with exercise lately, I was keen to ease back into it with something simple and not too strenuous – enter the ancient Chinese art of tai chi.

My Mum, who is 50+, had previously undertaken a tai chi course and raved about it, so I figured if she could do it then it’d be a cinch for me!

Some of the things tai chi can help with are:

♥ Anxiety and stress
♥ Posture
♥ Balance
♥ Fatigue

And much more!

I visited Next Generation Health Club in Kings Park in order to tour their facilities and trial the tai chi class as I’ve been looking for a gym to sign up to for a while now.

The class runs for an hour, and our friendly instructor Sam is kind enough to acknowledge that there are a few newbies (that’s me!) in the class, so he would go a bit slower this time – phew.

Running for an hour all up, I found the class to be the perfect level of difficulty, and very calming. The emphasis is on lots of different long, sweeping movements and there is a big focus on the breath, which I appreciated, but it’s also a good workout for your arms and thighs. By the end my, admittedly pretty weak, arms were VERY tired and my thighs were quivering slightly, wondering what they’d done to be forced back into the world of exercise.

I really enjoyed this class, and am considering signing up at Next Gen Kings Park as their range of classes and facilities are great.

Have you ever tried tai chi, or would like to? Lets chat in the comments!

Be well,