KORA Organics Event: Miranda Kerr, Therese Kerr and Some Incredible Quinoa Curry!

A couple of weeks ago, Renee from RENZ Pilates and I went along to a KORA Organics event held in South Perth. Renee writes for the KORA blog, and I of course have a keen interest in any beauty, health or wellness happenings around town! The table setting that greeted us at the event, skincare goodies and Noni juice!

Noni shot, coconut water, regular water, organic champers!

Wise words from Miranda, this was a big theme of the evening.

The event started with us all toasting with a shot of Noni juice with Therese (Miranda’s mum)… it packs a strong antioxidant punch, but you can just tell it’s doing good things!

A big part of the evening was learning and testing out all the products from the range, as well as conducting our own facial. Here’s Ren with one of the yummy KORA masks.

Along with the drinks, skincare sampling and wise words from Therese Kerr, we were also fed. Dinner was an absolutely incredible quinoa and coconut curry, this picture really doesn’t do it justice – it was superb – and created by Miranda’s own chef Kate McAloon! I could have gladly eaten this meal 5 times a week, it was that good.

To top off the curry, we had a very special healthy dessert created for us! With oats, walnuts, raspberries, yoghurt and mint. This was also delish, and Kate created one with just milk specially for me as they weren’t sure if the yoghurt had gelatin in it (not vegetarian). So sweet of her!

Miranda’s Mum on the right, if you couldn’t guess!

I would completely recommend the KORA events to anyone who is interested in Miranda Kerr or organic skincare, you can find out more info on upcoming events on the KORA blog!

Would you liked to have gone? Let us know below!

Be well,