Alternative Therapy Review: EL8 Rhodiola Rosea Supplements.

Cynic: A person who questions whether something will happen or is worthwhile.

When it comes to herbal supplements that definition suits me 100% from the top of my head down to my very toes. Now, I consider myself a generally enthusiastic and open minded person, albeit a little neurotic, so it doesn’t really make sense why I should feel so harshly towards something that never really did anyone any harm (that I am aware of). So what gives? Have I had too many encounters with people who insist that drinking honey and lemon and hot water and taking echinacea will cure their category 6 flu symptoms and then upon giving the flu to ME claim they feel so much better? Probably. Perhaps that’s the neurosis in me talking, so in an effort to kick that part of my personality to the curb I agreed to try EL8 Rhodiola Rosea for energy and wellbeing.

Rhodiola Rosea in it’s natural form!

Feel free to do your own research (and I encourage you to do so if you are interested) but in a nutshell I can tell you that Rhodiola Rosea hails from the mountainous regions of eastern Siberia and the North Asian territories and is supposed to help you deal with stress, give you more energy and even help battle nervous tension and anxiety. Tension and anxiety you say? Well let’s just see what you’ve got RR because on a bad day my tension and anxiety levels could put Woody Allen to shame.

Two weeks later…

I have been taking EL8 Rhodiola Rosea everyday for the past 14 days and while the cynic in me hates to admit this…it’s working. It really is. Don’t worry, I still think drinking hot water and lemon to cure tonsillitis is idiotic BUT when it comes to energy levels and feeling less tense about stupid little things I really think the Rhodiola Rosea has been doing its job. My rose-tinted glasses have gotten a little rosea-er (had to use that pun, sorry, HAD TO) and instead of falling into an afternoon slump I have found that I have been feeling really switched on all day regardless of the time. I don’t feel sloth-like in the morning and I’ve been falling straight to sleep at night (maybe due to stress reduction?) It might all just be mind over matter, and I am certainly willing to accept that theory but just in case, I’m going to keep taking Rhodiola Rosea. I just have a really good feeling about it. A feeling that it just might be responsible for.

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