Product Reviews: Kit Tan Prep Body Scrub & Jane Iredale Tantasia.

My Dad has always said, ‘people just look better with a tan’, and maybe he’s right- a little bit of colour can give you that confidence you need when it’s time to shed the winter layers. BUT, and this is a big but, my Dad has also had more than his fair share of skin cancers in the past decade. Hm. So if you are curious to see whether or not you really do look better a different colour, fake tan is really your only safe option.

♥ Jane Iredale Tantasia – $54

And it’s not so bad! Fake tans have come a long, long way from the streaky orange cream days and there are so many on the market that surely there will be one out there for you. But whose got time or the desire to try them all? ME. That’s who. Recently I tried out Jane Iredale’s Tantasia, a self tanner that claims to build ‘your own tan’. This idea seemed intriguing, how would this seemly standard bottle of auto-bronzant know what my tan was? How? Was Tantasia going to magically, fantastically, intuitively know what colour to turn my pale, pale skin?

To start with I prepared my skin for the tan (very important) with Kit’s Tan Prep Body Scrub ($29.95), a grainy scrub of shea butter, beeswax and Australian sea salt. It’s scented with a light coconut fragrance that smells very summery and instantly transports you from your bathroom to a tropical beach somewhere, no complaints there. The scrub is very effective in getting rid of dry patches and evening out your skin to provide the perfect canvas for your tan.

So it’s tan time. The texture of Tantasia is not as creamy as others, it’s quite a light lotion which means you work a bit harder to rub it in, but it makes up for this by going on as a colour so you can see what you’ve tanned and what you haven’t, which of course prevents streaking. The colour of Tantasia is quite an orangey brown, which had me a bit concerned. I certainly didn’t look like a carrot or anything like that but it wasn’t as brown as I had expected. The smell on application had a faint citrus scent but a couple of hours after I was getting waves of that normal fake tan smell that you get from nearly very fake tan (to be honest I don’t think any product out there has successfully eradicated this smell and I think we’ll just have to live with it for the time being).

Kit Tan Prep Body Scrub – $29.95

The last thing I did once I had finished applying the tan was wash my hands. They always suggest you wash your hands ‘thoroughly’ and I really take that advice on board, washing mine almost obsessively because my hands are so pale and quite dry. There is nothing worse than orange hands- it’s almost enough to make you throw in the towel on fake tanning completely, so this time I used some of the Kit Tan Prep Body Scrub on my hands just to make sure it was all gone and it worked a treat, I don’t know why I had never thought of that before. They should really consider calling it a Tan Prep and Post Body Scrub. Although I guess that doesn’t have the same ring to it.

None o’ this thanks

The next morning, I very pleased to discover that any concerns I may have had about orangeness were gone. The colour of the tan was a very light golden sort of brown, dare I say- the same colour that the real sun would turn my skin if I were to lay out without sunscreen. Hang on a second…does that mean that Tantasia really did help me build my own tan?! YES, yes it does. Oh Tantasia, you’ve done it again. And although I was happy with the colour one application gave me (remembering how pale I am here guys) you can apply Tantasia everyday until you get a shade that you are happy with, it’s all about finding your own tan, wherever it may be out there, to see if my Dad was right.

What do you guys think; do people look better with a tan?

Tantasia is available: here for $54.

The Kit Tan Prep Body Scrub is available in Kit stores or here for $29.95.

Review by Adriane Daff, Queen of the Pales, lover of the beach, daughter of a man who doesn’t understand the dangers of the Australian sun.