Beauty Product Review: SK-II Facial Treatment Essence!

After having my facial at Endota, I started thinking about a lot of steps I skip in my skincare routine. Because I MISBEHAVE and sometimes don’t do the right thing by skin. However, I do enjoy complaining about it, loudly, and on the Internet.

In the facial I had my therapist use a toner on me, ok no big surprise there. But I had slacked off in that department. And I feel really bad that I slacked off because I had a bottle of SK-II sitting on the shelf at home waiting for me. (Bracing myself for the backlash here) This product has CULT STATUS and I can’t believe I hadn’t started using it sooner…but you see there was one problem…

SK-II is the kind of product your boyfriend looks at and says ‘what’s that bottle of water for?’ and you say ‘ITS NOT A BOTTLE OF WATER YOU WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND THE SECRET WONDERS OF BEING A WOMAN‘ but inside…I did not know what to do with this bottle of water. There were no instructions in English, only a few lines on the back of the bottle in Japanese…(and my year 9 level understanding of this language was not going to cut it). So I turned to the Vogue Forum, which is where I go when I have any of life’s big questions, and don’t-you-know-it those Voguers knew what the heck was up. Use it like a toner GUYS!

I learnt a little more than this though, such as, you can put about 5 drops into your palm and apply it to your face with your hands or put it on a cotton wool ball and apply it that way. Apparently if you want the product to last longer…go for the hands. I also learnt that you could keep it cool in the fridge for an added indulgence. Sweet!

The secret ingredient is….Cate Blanchett…HAHA- just kidding gang, although I think her perfect face sure helps sales, but really the secret ingredient is Pitera. After much research into yeast our friends over at SK II discovered that it was Pitera that was keeping the Japanese sake brewers hands so soft and supple, and they thought we better chuck this on our faces quick smart.

And honest to goodness it is good. I use it as a toner (as we by now have well and truly ascertained) before applying a moisturizer and have been using it twice a day (I rub the leftovers into my hands like Mr. Burns to get the most out of every drop) and I have really noticed some truly great results. The product is supposed to target; firmness, wrinkles and spots but I have seen a dramatic difference in the texture of my skin. Like, a serious difference.

My skin was so dry it was like a crusty salt lake and (ready for this visual image) this bottle of water has restored the moisture and texture of my face back into a bountiful ocean (salt lake > water > ocean). It just feels so smooth and re-hydrated. It fits in perfectly with the rest of my skincare regime and I really enjoy using it. It is expensive but I also do really think it’s worth giving a go, even if it is only once because I haven’t spoken to one person yet who has had a negative experience.

Actually, if any of our readers have, leave a comment…I honestly would love to hear your thoughts because, I know for me, this innocuous looking bottle of water has given my skin a winter resurrection! Rejoice!

So do tell, have you tried SK-II Facial Treatment Essence?

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence is available in David Jones & online at Adore Beauty!

Review by Adriane Daff.

Be well,