Product Review: Rodial Brazilian Tan (Light).

Rodial Brazilian Tan – Light 150ml, RRP $65

I once joined a Facebook group called ‘Pale ‘n’ Proud’. The group’s poster child was Keira Knightley. I later left this group because, let’s all admit it, joining a group called ‘Pale ‘n’ Proud’ (not even Pale AND Proud) is kind of lame and the other reason was because the poster child was Keira Knightley. But I think the other OTHER reason, deep down, was that I didn’t want to commit to being one thing (and proud of it) for the rest of my Facebook days.

Ms. Knightly, flying the ‘English Rose’ flag.

In the same way that sometimes as a brunette I get really curious about being blonde, as a pale person I sometimes just really want to be tanned. Especially in summer. Pretty much every year. Like clockwork this same curiosity rises and I don’t see any particularly good reason that I shouldn’t indulge it (I know I should be comfortable in my own skin but who said I couldn’t dye the skin first? RIGHT GUYS?!) So, of course, going out and attempting the mega burn aint no good for you and is going to have you looking like an old boot age 29 so this article is going to be about one of your fake options.

I decided to try out the Rodial Brazilian Tan (Light) a tinted medium strength self-tanning gel for the face and body pretty much because I have liked Rodial products when I’ve used them before and because this was specifically light and medium strength. When you have pale skin (as I’m sure even non-palers would know) you cant roll in guns-a-blazin with your full strength guy because that kind of behavior is going to leave you streaky, patchy and all kinds of orange.


Straight out of the bottle I knew me and Rodial Brazilian Tan Light were going to be mates because of one simple fact- this product is neither orange nor brown but the colour of PURE CARAMEL I TELL YOU. Literally the colour of caramel topping, go down to McDonalds right now- get a sundae- that’s what you are putting on your skin. Secondly as a gel it hydrates as it tans so you don’t feel stiff as a board and it leaves a slight tint on your skin so you can see where you’ve been thus eliminating streaks!

It didn’t leave any marks on my clothes or my sheets (although I did wait for it to dry properly) and better yet it didn’t leave my hands discoloured! And this is huge because normally I have to wear gloves to apply fake tan (this includes the ever popular St Tropez) so this time I was worried because gloves were not available to me (read: I was too lazy to walk down to the 24 hour chemist to get some) but never fear, after thoroughly washing my hands with warm water and soap I was on Easy street.

So there’s a number of wins for this product (and look I’m not going to lie I really do think the people at Rodial are fighting a good fight- the actual tan doesn’t even SMELL tan-y!) but the biggest thing I would take away from this is that the colour of this is so perfect that it’s letting even the palest amongst us girls (me, Keira, all the gang in ‘Pale ‘n’ Proud) have a little go at getting a tan.

Available at Myer stores and online at <Adore Beauty.

Review by Rodial fanatic & porcelain to tanned chameleon, Adriane Daff.

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Spray Tan Review: Aviva Winter Glow, JLees Beauty in Bedford and Claremont.

JLees Beauty Tanning Set-Up.

Those that know me laughed hard when I informed them of my impending spray tan adventure. Yes, I, of the perpetually white “You look pale, are you sure you’re feeling okay?!” skinned variety, let someone spray my body in order to blind people less when they look at me.

JLees Beauty is primarily located in Beldon, but Jenna (owner) also has a mini, less formal, setup in Claremont.

Upon arrival I’m greeted by Jenna, she’s lovely and very easy to get along with – which is something you want when you’re stripping down to just a disposable g-string in front of someone you’ve never met before!

My skin tone is one of the trickier ones, since it has yellow undertones, so we decide on the new Winter Glow formula which was created for the palest of the pale!

Even so, I’m still nervous when it begins…

♥ The spray is really cool on my skin! It tickles a tiny bit at first.

♥ Jenna makes sure to spray my face a little lighter than the rest of my body.

♥ She does some fancy schmancy tricks and highlights my stomach to create the ‘illusion’ of abs 😉

♥ The whole thing takes about 10 minutes.

I tentatively step back into my clothes (old ones of course!) so as not to mess up my new tan too much & after a chat am sent on my merry way home.

Over the next few hours it continues to develop into a VERY dark tan! This is a source of amusement for my housemate and slight worry for me as I have a job interview in 2 days!

When I shower, however, a lot of the excess tan comes off and I’m left with a suitably light golden brown glow.

It was definitely a different feeling for me, although many people I saw didn’t notice it that much, I could really tell that I was not quite as blindingly white as usual!

After about a week the colour started to fade, at this point I would highly recommend getting a full body exfoliation at a day spa as I found some areas were less likely to shed away the colour (the neck for example).

While I adore being a ghostie, I would recommend anyone to get a spray-tan at least once in their life, just so you know what it’s like!

JLees Beauty provided a great & friendly service, with lots of information pre and post-experience to help you prepare and get the most life out of your new glow.

She also has a special offer of $25 for your first Winter Glow tan!

Contact JLees Beauty:

Address: Gwendoline Drive, Beldon, Perth WA

Ph: 0424 191 134



As always, Wellness WA reviews are our honest experience with a product or service 🙂

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