Beauty & Wellbeing Crushes: Day Spa for One, Coconut Oil, Palm Beach Candles!

1. Retreat for One

I’d previously experienced the Bodhi J Retreat for One and been pretty enamoured with it, so much that it has become my ‘go to’ for when I want to reward myself, which I did last week. At $125 for a half hour mud spa bath with champagne, fruit & mini choc, then a full body aromatherapy massage finished with herbal tea and more fruit, it’s an indulgence that I keep coming back to again and again!

2. Ethically Harvested Lavender Oil

After being sent this product to try a little while ago, I haven’t been able to stop using it in my favourite way, which is to put a couple of drops onto my pillowcase about 20 minutes before I go to bed. This is probably not the best thing for my pillowcase, but it is definitely good for me! I love falling asleep surrounded by the soft scent of lavender.

And just what does ethically harvested mean?

“This denotes sustainable cultivation. An ethically harvested essential oil is derived from a herb, shrub or tree that is not harvested so aggressively that the species becomes depleted.”

I think that’s pretty cool.

♥ This is what coconut oil looks like when it’s not summer!

3. Coconut Oil

After hearing various friends raving about coconut oil, I was finally pushed over the edge by my naturopath Brooke, who said that it would be great for me and that she likes to eat it from the spoon. SOLD.

And so lately I have been including this form of virgin, unprocessed saturated fat in my diet. It has a “haunting vanilla taste” and is indeed yummy straight off the spoon. There is some debate around the health benefits of coconut oil due to it being a saturated fat, some say because it’s unprocessed it’s good for you, others are not so sure, however the research I’ve done and Brooke’s confidence is good enough for me 🙂

3. Candlez

I’ve never been much of a candle girl, due mostly to my mothers incessant worry that I would burn down the house if any semblance of fire made its way into my perpetually messy room. A fair worry for those who’ve never seen my room.

Now that I live out of home and have control of what objects are allowed through the front door, I’ve really been getting into burning essential oils and candles for the first time and I feel like I’ve been missing out all these years!

This Fig, Cassis & Mandarin mini candle from Palm Beach Collection is a soy candle that has found itself being lit pretty frequently over the past few weeks. It imparts a beautiful smell (the mandarin is most strong for me, which I love) that lingers throughout the house that is just great because it means I don’t have to clean up as much as I probably should… just kidding… sort of. At $14.95 these candles are a cheap way to spruce up a room or set the mood. Oo la la.

Just a quick one this week, thanks for reading guys! X

Be well,