Summer Refresher – Yes to Cucumbers Review!

Back when I was 14 and used to squeeze lemon in my hair for the sun-kissed look and tried mum’s facemasks out for size, slices of cool cucumber over the eyelids was the next step for ultimate beauty afternoons. I’m not sure the lemon or the anti-aging mask worked on my wee self, but the cucumbers always had a soothing element that did some good on puffy eyes.

When the Yes to Carrots range came on the market, I signed up for the Cucumber variety designed for sensitive skin. I’m always wary of rich and creamy products after a particularly nasty rash was encountered after a face cream trial – which means I always end up going for the “sensitive skin” products just in case.

I’ve been using the Daily Gentle Cleanser ($14.95) and Daily Calming Moisturiser ($23.95) for a month now and have had great results.

To be fair, I’m in the latter stages of pregnancy and my skin has been pretty good to me since the second trimester so this has had a positive influence. However, the cleanser does a thorough job despite being “gentle” and there has been no residue on my facial towel while drying my face. The moisturiser is gorgeous and you only need a small amount as it goes far. The only issue is, I have to leave it longer than usual to put on my make up over the top in the morning as it doesn’t sink in as fast as my usual moisturiser. On the plus side, my skin feels hydrated all day long and I don’t see any flakiness after a day a made up face in an air-conditioned office. The sweet almond oil and aloe inclusions are supposed to provide a healthy glow and I do feel it provides a lovely, plump look once it’s settled in.

I also got to try the Calming Body Wash ($12.95 for 500mL), which is so refreshing in the summer heat. It’s also not a particularly feminine smell so I’ve gone through it at an alarming rate and my husband smells suspiciously cucumbery upon exiting the bathroom each morning…

Have you ever tried any of the Yes to Carrots products?
Cucumbers over the eyes?
Love to hear your thoughts!

Written by Lisa O’Neill, slowing down a little more every day but still trying to keep the healthy glow alive!

Be well,